Aircraft Mobile Inspections ?EUR" Curb Side Service Provides Convenience


Aircraft requires all types of maintenance, repair and inspections. What if your aircraft requires these services during the leg of a trip? Or you simply prefer to not incur the expense of moving your aircraft to a location for inspection? Now it is possible to have curb side service for your aircraft.

Mobile inspections, repairs, and maintenance are a popular service presently provided by many organizations. Choosing to have a mobile team come to you can save you time and money. These highly-trained professionals are equipped with tools and equipment to perform almost any task. Plus, they typically have years of experience and are well-versed in customer service.

The mobile teams often have access to fleets of trucks or inexpensive air travel and can be at your location within a matter of hours. They provide a multitude of services including:

- Inspections
- Painting
- Detailing
- Repairs

Mobile Aircraft Service Benefits

In addition to the convenience of having a professional aircraft repair team come to you, there are many benefits to choosing mobile services. For example, the downtime can be minimized significantly. Often the mobile team can resolve an issue more quickly than you or your team. They have access to appropriate parts and can get the tools and highly-trained labor to you in a short amount of time. The repairs will be handled correctly and you will be back in the air quickly.

Cost is another benefit to using mobile service teams. You do not incur the cost of moving your aircraft to a full-service facility nor do you have to pay someone to travel with the plan and watch over it during the maintenance. However, you will pay more for the convenience of a concierge-style repair and maintenance performed by a mobile services team.

How to Choose

When deciding the best route for your maintenance, you might want to consider several factors. First, consider the type of job you have. Is it one that lends itself to the strengths of the mobile services team? How much potential downtime will you have? Do you feel confident that a mobile team can complete the job on site?

Second, research the company that will provide the mobile team. Check aircraft ratings and thoroughly investigate the list of services. It is also a good idea to research the level of investment the company has made in tools and trucks. Finally, ask questions about how they choose the mobile team. The team should be comprised of the most experienced professionals who also have excellent customer service skills.

Finally, be prepared to handle unforeseen complications. If the mobile services team uncovers a more complicated issue, then you are most likely in for more downtime. Remember that these teams come prepared for the issues at hand, and may not have everything required to immediately fix an additional issue, such as a cracked window.

Aircraft mobile inspections and repair are certainly a trend that will continue to grow. The ability to provide curb side service ensures big benefits for both the mobile providers and the aircraft owners. The good news is now aircraft owners have a choice.