Ways To Register a Company in United Kingdom

As far as establishing a business is concerned, Uk is the best place. The consistent economic and monetary stability and prosperity make it the most famous and thriving business hub in the world. There are already more than 3 million registered business in the country. Even the government in the country is highly cooperative towards business houses and the process to establish a business is easy and hassle free.

When you think about register company in the United Kingdom, there are a few steps that should be kept in mind:-

1. You need to decide about the structure of the company.
2. Proper name for the company that should be unique.
3. Decision on the official address of the company to be mentioned in the official documents.
4. Selection of the director and the secretary for the company.
5. Formulation of the company objectives.
6. Fill out the key documents which include Memoranda and Articles of Association along with Form 10 and 12.
7. Submission of all the forms along with the required fee.

The process of formation of company begins with the selection of the name for the company. The name should be unique, and there should be no violation of the copyright. Do not forget that the name must not resemble any other company name mentioned in the list of the Company's House. So it is better checking the list of the names in the websites of the Companies House.

During the process of register company, a company can be incorporated in the form of Public Limited Company, Private Limited Company, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, limited Company and European Economic Interest Grouping.

Entrepreneurs can take care of the process of registration themselves as it is hassle free and little time consuming but only for those who have knowledge of the process. As far as amateurs are concerned, they should better seek the help of the professional company formation agents. Furthermore, instead of going for offline method of registration, one should better seek the online process. The electronic filling process can not be done without the help of a registration agent.

Then, one need to go to Company's House. The process of register company includes filling certain forms along with paying required fee. The most pertinent documents are Memoranda of Association and Articles of Association, Form 10 and Form 12.

Form 12 is merely a declaration that all the information that is mentioned in the application is true.

If the application is not precisely correct, the Company's House will reject it. Form 10 contain all the information that one is using to register a company. You should also make sure that the selection procedure of all the officials including the secretary and the director should be completed before registration.

Finally, there should be a legal address for the registration. The outsider can mention the address of his solicitor after paying the required fee to the respective authority.