Facebook marketing tips from the world's leading experts on Facebook

Facebook, with 500 million active users, is a powerful social media network that offers great opportunities for companies that use it too. Facebook To take your marketing to the next level, follow these tips from these professionals highly respected industry.

# 1: Add Facebook to your website

According to Jesse Stay, author of FBML Essentials and other books of Facebook, one of the best things you can do is bring your website Facebook, with a few lines of simple code. The easiest way to do this is through the addition of Facebook as the box to your website. Shown Facebook feed, pictures of people who are fans and the number of fans.

# 2: Try Facebook Ads cheap

According to Chris Treadaway, co-author of Facebook Marketing: an hour a day, Facebook advertising is one of the most profitable forms of advertising on internet marketing today. The ads are targeted at a reasonable price for all sizes of companies.

Easy to set up an ad on Facebook, just go to the classified section on Facebook and click "Create an ad" button.

# 3 Make friends of your connections

Once your Facebook ad ready to go, Dave Kerpen, author of Social Media Friendly: Marketing to win in a world where Facebook recommends that you set the "Facebook" Friends of connections "option, ad targeting that allows its fans who appears in their ads from Facebook. You can do this in "Orientation" where you'll find a place to show more detail. To see this option, you have to be the administrator of the Facebook page.

# 4: Provide opportunities for fun for his fans to connect

People are social opportunities to meet and love, why not have a "happy hour" on your Facebook wall? Instead of serving drinks, give your fans a chance to post their links on your Facebook wall. Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner, also suggests that attract people by organizing the presence of an expert who can answer your questions on your Facebook wall.

# 5: Using video to win new fans

People love videos, and best of all is that every time a fan does not see the video, a button appears which suggests that the person as his Facebook page. According to Ekaterina Walter, a strategist for social media at Intel, in order to take advantage of this feature is to upload the video inside the video tab of Facebook instead of embedding a YouTube video.

Every time someone who is not a fan of the views of his video on Facebook, you'll see the button As for his Facebook page on the video screen in the upper left corner. This is a great way to get more exposure and gain new fans.

# 6 Use your Facebook page as a lead generator

Facebook expert Mari Smith recommends the use of Facebook as a source for capturing leads. To do this, we recommend the addition of the static FBML (Facebook Markup Language) application to your fan page. This application lets you add custom content, including an opt-in box to your Facebook page.

Darren Rowse of ProBlogger promote your podcast on your Facebook page through the use of an opt-in page. He has a separate page for opt-in, which does a great job of calling attention to the opportunity to opt-in.

# 7 Convert your website into a vibrant community

His Facebook page can be a great place for like-minded people to meet and mingle. Engage your customers on your site all you can ask questions and suggest ways for them to share things on your wall. The director of digital strategy SmartBrief, Rob Birgfeld, recommends doing what their fans would like to share with you and others instead of focusing on what you want to share with them.