Virtual Office Companies With Added Office Space

Many of us know the basic benefits of using a virtual office company such as mail handling and answering calls, but the best virtual office companies now offer flexible office space to help get your business up and running.

A good company will offer you a scalable solution, whereby you may start out with just a couple of hot desks being used part time, but as your business grows they are able to rent you your own office with typical rental periods being from as little as one month and up to three years.

When renting office space from such a company, you can expect to get a fully managed solution with them handling all of the facilities management.

Typically this means that your office will be cleaned each evening, and all utilities will be included in your monthly fee. In addition for this monthly fee you should find that they provide you with security day and night. They will typically provide a receptionist to handle your calls during the day, and guide visitors to your office, as well as forwarding our mail to you.

In with your monthly fee you should also expect to get access to vending facilities, which often also include a kitchen. Modern virtual office companies renting office space now often include access to showers for those running or cycling to work.

Typically when renting such short term office space each office "Seat" will be equipped with a desk, seat, and its own filing cabinet, as well as access to a phone point and high speed Internet access for each desk.

The benefits of using such a company are that when your business is starting out you just pay one fixed fee per seat per month, which includes all of the services above included within that fee. This means that you have total control of your costs, yet have the benefits of being able to easily rent more space as your business expands.

In addition they will be able to offer you all of the usual virtual office benefits such as the ability to rent meeting rooms, and access to conference call or video conferencing facilities, as well as the traditional mail and call handling.

All of these items will be offered at set fees so that you know exactly what you will be paying for them, thus avoiding any nasty surprises.

The benefits of using such a company in Central London when your business is starting up are great, as you end up with a Central London address and office space without any of the hassle or capital outlay of setting up and managing your own office space.