Communicate Value: Win the Sale

I think, as small business owners, that we have discovered this:

"If you lose a sale because you can't effectively frame the value of your product or service, that's your fault, not the customer's." Neil Rackham, author of SPIN Selling

You can communicate value when you identify prospects / clients' needs and articulate your value proposition in their (not your business tech) terms.

You want your prospects to lean naturally into becoming your clients.
So, upgrade your messaging so that it resonates better, and communicates your value.

You have heard me say that your clients are what fuels your business machine. Everything starts with the client - and understanding and getting close to them are your most important tasks of each business day.

You are going to need to work more in the consultative sales to help your prospects/clients to understand and to help you understand their needs.

How do you market a product / service that is being sold while its being designed? (That is when you are designing the answer for the client).

- The solution is that your marketing produces tools to help create value for your prospects / clients. There are 4 stages clients go through to make a decision:

1. Do I have a problem that is worth solving? Do they need a change? In that stage questioning tools help your prospective clients quantify their problem. Understanding and appreciating what they'll gain when their problems get solved. Marketing helps to create value by helping them do what they want done (showing them solutions) .

2. Once they have said 'yes, we have a problem' - and want to put resources into solving that, you want the communication that shows the value you have to help them change. The client concerns are going to be: why are you different , why should I choose you? Then your marketing messaging will help with tools to differentiate you.

3. If they say 'yes, you look pretty good', then they want to know what is the risk of going with you. How can I feel safe? Your marketing can be wonderful risk reduction tools. You can arrange site visits (online and offline), testimonials (maybe they can actually visit with a client of yours) so that you can satisfy their concerns.

- Reducing risks is the most important concern today - the mistake is that we think price reduction will get us the business. When you start reducing price, you may seem desperate.
Be smarter and help solve their concerns of doing business with you. How can you make them feel safe and comfortable? Ask them if you need that information.

--  Your marketing can provide pricing tools. What can be traded off and satisfy your clients and still have your own needs met.

Ask yourself - What could you do differently to generate more profits?

Get it right and you will be creating a business that perseveres and takes care of you and your clients.