3 Strategies for Blogging

Do you know what guest blogging is and how it can be used as an effective business SEO strategy?
To be in the SEO top page rank (PR) may take effort, goal setting, scheduling, and time, but it will prove worth it.

Find a blog similar to your information and ask if you can become a Guest Blogger. If your are allowed to put your URL address either in the address area or the comment area - this will become a link back.

Also - make relevant comments on blogs that are similar to yours - and again you will get those link backs!

These are in-bound links to your site and remember in-bound links are another great piece for your SEO.

Great sites for this are:

-- Sites similar to yours - for me it might be marketing for small businesses and I would go in see what they are saying and make a comment as a small business coach - promoting my business and what I know.
-- Educational sites - i.e. search:.edu blogs (your subject)
-- Government sites - i.e. search:.gov blogs (your subject)
How to go about this - what is the strategy?

If you did this just 2 or 3 times a week - when people see your name (or the name of your blog) and they will be curious about your site and may visit or even subscribe to your site.

Make this a part of your marketing strategy - set goals -

1. Write 3 blog posts on your own blog each week - on the same days is what I've heard experts say

2. Write comments and see if you can be a Guest Blogger and post 3 times a week as comments or as a Guest.

3. Write and submit articles online - 20 times a month. Ouch sounds like a lot - and it is a lot of good for your business. I have read the analytics for my site after an article is accepted, and...the visitors almost double!

These are some strategies that are call 'organic' SEO and I have been on Page 1 of Google a few times using these methods!

To help you achieve these objectives?

Tell others what your goal is - so you can be held accountable - they can coach you on - make a routine, a habit - it is part of your job - it will be part of your success.
Read a few of the postings in the blog you are a Guest Blogger for, you may want to make a few changes to mirror their style and info. Get into the flow with them, when you Guest Blog on their site.
I know from my own experience and working with my own clients, how difficult it is to get yourself into this routine.

But keep reminding yourself that you are in business to bring in revenue, earn an income for yourself!

So what will bring you some money in ASAP? Do that first!! And keep focused and enthusiastic about what you need to do to bring income into your business!