The Benefits of co-working

The opportunity to find you office space in London has become much easier over the past few months. A substantial amount of people have decided to go it alone and set up their own businesses, so cheap office space in London and flexible work space is in demand. This is the ideal opportunity for start-ups to test the water before signing up to larger office space where the lease term is far longer.

Cities across the world have also grasped the concept of co-working spaces, particularly in London, which allows SME'S, home workers and start-ups to rent a desk in London rather than renting a large space.

The co-working culture has introduced flexible work space, enabling individuals or small businesses the chance to come and go when they please, as most venues have a minimum lease term of one month only. This is obviously extremely beneficial for freelancers etc who are unsure of what they will be doing from one month to the next.

Central London was where it all began, but the concept has now spread to not only South London, but to other cities also. You can now easily rent a desk in Brixton, which is the perfect location for those commuting on the Victoria Line, and also for members to get into central for meetings. Office rent in Brixton is also easily accessible with a number of buildings offering cheap office space in London.

Co-working also has a variety of creative desk space available in London, catering for many different businesses in the creative industry such as artists, film makers, designers etc. Many flexible work spaces focus on trendy, funky interior design which in turn attracts these types of industries. Most co-working spaces cater for 10 - 40 people, depending on the size of the space. Some spaces are completely open plan which creates a light and airy feel, though some are much more snug. This also depends on the location - if you were to rent a desk in Brixton or office rent in Brixton you will find an eclectic, quirky atmosphere whereas other locations are much more formal.

To rent a desk in London gives you the opportunity to have a change of scene when working from home. You also have the chance to meet like-minded people, have facilities such as printing, scanning, photocopying, refreshments; internet access included which you wouldn't receive when renting office space in London, though cheap office space in London is becoming much more available.

The majority of co-working spaces also host networking events on a regular basis, which provides those who are renting a desk the opportunity to communicate their work to other businesses. This also provides local businesses with the chance to promote their work, as well as the venue in which it's held.

Word of mouth is one of the key marketing tools for co-working spaces. Many businesses go on recommendation, particularly when renting desk space due to the serviced office environment. Cheap office space in London as all well and good, but reputation is key.