Save Money, Conserve Energy With Halogen Bulbs

Energy conservation is one of the most discussed issues across globe. True, the world is reeling under power crisis thanks to increasing population and growing pressure on resources.

In that scenario, it's the duty of everybody to make contribution… bigger or small… whatever possible. Governments, NGOs and other social groups are doing at their levels to create awareness among people about energy conservation.

At individual level also, you can make positive impact. Without affecting your lifestyle, you just need to look for some means to do it. This piece is going to discuss about one of such effective means i.e. Halogen bulbs and lamps .

Using these bulbs is one of the economical and convenient ways to help the struggling environment. While maintain the greenery of Mother Nature, you can also save money as these bulbs produce more output compared to conventional incandescent lights.

This is the reason that many offices and commercial houses are replaces conventional bulbs with these lamps.

Let's have a look at benefits of these bulbs in some detail:

These bulbs have longer lifespan comparatively. Very easily, they can work up to 2000 hours. This is one of the major reasons of their growing popularity among households also.

These bulbs are capable of working in higher temperatures also and provide brighter light compared to conventional sources. These features make them more efficient and reputed.

Light produced by these is larger in intensity also.
Available in different attractive designs, these days table lamps; desk lamps etc are frequently using these bulbs thus paving the way for energy conservation.

But… one thing needs special mention here. Many people confuse these with compact fluorescent bulbs but there is a difference between these two. Halogen bulbs typically contain halogen gas and tungsten which may not be the case with compact bulbs. So, while purchasing you need to properly check this thing with dealer.

As discussed these bulbs go more heated compared to conventional ones, there should be some precautionary measures you should take while handling. Here are some of them:


Make sure to switch it off before you touch it. Leave it to cool off for at least 15 minutes. Let it come on room temperature before you replace it. It's necessary to avoid hand burn.

Oily and moist hands may reduce the life span of bulb. So, it's advisable to wear gloves while handling. Sometimes, moist boy can even cause short circuit. So, be careful!

Above precautions are very important and you should never neglect it. Improper handling of these bulbs may burn your fingers.

Among so many advantages, only one drawback you may feel it is their high cost. No doubt, these are comparatively expensive because of latest technology used. But, prices are expected to come down with increasing use and more advancement with the technology used.

Moreover, you should not mind the little high price when it comes with a bundle of other advantages……..