Top 10 Tips To Remember When You Want To Make Money Online

Here are just 10 things you must take into consideration if you plan on working at home, or want to learn how to make money online. Whatever way you decide...there are plenty of guidelines, tips and ideas to follow but here is " a backbone of must have-must know" before you get started.

1. Be creative, let's think outside the box. Around the box away from the box, what can you add, what can you change to make it better, what are your interests, hmmm?

2. Be disciplined --you will have to work, (yea I wish I could push a button and have a million dollars) determine how much time, daily, weekly, you will put towards your business. The more you put in the more you will achieve.

3. Stay within your means, cover what you know-- don't try to be a computer whiz if your thing is flowers. Start with your own city, can you be a help to other local businesses? Can you see a business struggling with something?

4. It will not happen over many ads, places you see are telling you about over night riches! HA come on people we all know you got to work for your success. This is a learning curve, just like going back to school.

5. Stay focused! there are so many different avenues you could lost if you stray from your topic, especially doing research on the internet.

6. Seek expert advise.---okay so one source is telling you that they have everything that you need? Do they? Do your homework PLEASE!! Also get expert tax and legal advise (don't just take advise from your cousins husbands father...get the message?)

7. Keep your family 1St!! Yes, you want a home based business to help bring in extra cash....but remember your own needs and your family needs.

8. Decision Making-- what type of work at home business will be right for you? Balance out your options, the cost involved, how much time will you be able to give to working your business? Will your family be involved in daily activity?

9. What training is needed and where will you get it, or are you an expert already at a subject. The internet holds a humongous opportunity --be careful of where you are getting your information. Check things out.

10. Pass it on! Yes when you start making money remember the 10% rule that is found in the big book and then start helping others to find their opportunity to better themselves.