Boss and Subordinate Relationship at Work

Boss and subordinate relationship is definitely the most important and difficult to manage in order to assure an improved and smooth working environment at office. Managing and building a healthy relationship with the boss can simultaneously stimulate better performance, easy work culture and job satisfaction. These are the most treasured elements wanted by anyone in the working environments or at job.

There were many theories written and speculated when we spoke about improving the efficiency of employees at work and providing better amenities to employees to generate high quality results. But it all narrows down to one simple fact that what type of a relationship does subordinate and boss shares.

The situation is same when evaluated from both ends from the view point of an employee working under his boss seeking quick promotions and appreciation from the management whereas a boss always have to manage and share a healthy and good relationship with his working juniors because at the end of the day job undertaken is considered as a team work which is headed by the boss after all.

For a point of view of a job seeker also in today's time the top priority remains a work culture which provides them enough exposure and allows him to learn and evolve and definitely a cooperative boss to understand the requirements and situation arising time by time.

There can be few pointers helpful for a job seeker and employees to maintain that very important relationship with his/her boss:

1. Never Argue: First and foremost thing required to pay attention at is reminders instead of arguing. Keep reminding your boss about a task unfinished rather than arguing about who did not mention it in time. Avoid situation which can cause unnecessary rust between a smooth relationships.

2. If any situation arises remember to have your say among all the other subordinates to put your point also for any situation given at hand.

3. Never criticize your boss externally or internally. You have to become the best defender; the best ambassador of what was decided.

An opinion: If you ask for an opinion it is but sure that you get one in return. Rare are the bosses who, when asked for their advice or their decision do not revert with n option rather an opinion of their own. But seeking their help always makes them realize that they hold a position and their view point is valued by the employees under him.

Therefore, keeping the boss happy is a minor task when considered it as your duty to finish the tasks assigned in time, reminding the boss about the tasks at hand and seeking opinion for the tasks unresolved.