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Horoscope and numerology are two faces of the same coin. A horoscope is the space-map of the moment, you were born. It shows your life route. In fact, it is a collection of your all karmas, that you performed in the past from the beginning of the journey of your soul in the universe. Your karma decides your present and future. Each karma or deed that you did is collected by the Eternal being and it reverts back on you as a result at an appropriate time. Almighty maintains everything.

The sun and the moon or other planets in the horoscope are nothing but symbols of the different universal forces, you had or will have to face in your life. They actually tells when you will be where and in which circumstances. What will you get and when, everything is written there in astro-code language. Where will be turning points? How will be your love or married life? etc. Almost, everything is there. Let's take an example. There is a bus bearing a route number. When a route number is given to the bus, the time is also decided that when it will start on running. Where it will be at which time? Where will be the turning points? Where will be the smooth road? Where is the diversion? Where will be traffic? Where will be the bus in fast or slow motion due to road conditions or traffic and where & when its journey will get ended? You know it. In the same way, planetary positions in the horoscope tells about the journey of your life-route like:

What about my education or career? Which field I should opt for your brilliant career? Should I get married? When will I get married? What about my love life? Will I have love affair? How will my wife or husband be? Will I have cheating husband? How will my children be? Will I have love or arranged marriage? Will I have relationships? What about my job or business? etc. All Such questions can be answered after reading one's horoscope very carefully.

Numerology also plays an important role in your life. Every number affects you many ways. You must know about your lucky numbers. Numerology helps you to spell your name correctly as per your lucky number so that you may get grand success. Take an example of Hrithik Roshan, a bollywood film star. What you see. This name can be spell as Ritik Roshan then why he used two additional "H" in his name. In fact, each letter has its own number according to numerology which shows its impact for you to be successful or unsuccessful. If you are not getting success, may be that you have spelled your name incorrectly.