No one likes coming home from a long day of work to a messy apartment. That's why so many of us utilize the variety of cleaning services offered in New York City. But what if you could get more than just a good house cleaning. What if you could be entertained at the same time? If you are a gay man or a bored housewife, a sexy new male maid service in the Big Apple may be just what you're looking for.

"There's nothing I love more than throwing on some tunes and rocking out while I clean," says Joshua, the owner of Buff Maid in NYC. "Of course, I like to be comfortable while I clean. What's more comfy than my undies?"

That's right, Buff Maid is a male maid service with a sexy twist. The maids perform their chores in underwear, jockstraps, or nude. "There's nothing sexual about what I do. I clean houses - that's it. I just happen to LOOK sexy while I do it. I think it makes the experience more fun for everyone!"

Joshua decided to create the nude cleaning company when he realized he was turning 30, and no longer wanted to work for someone else's company. "I've always been an artist, and have had to work on the side to pay rent. I was so tired of waiting tables and making money for someone else. I wanted something of my own. And I wanted it to be unique."

And he certainly got it. Buff Maid is the only legitimate Male Cleaning Service in the NYC area. They promise to offer a "professional, eco-friendly house cleaning," using only Natural, essential-oil infused cleaning products. Says Joshua, "Green cleaning is the wave of the future, and our products work and smell fantastic. Why fill your apartment and lungs with toxic fumes when there's a much healthier alternative?"

Buff Maid has a comprehensive house-cleaning checklist, but tailors their services according to the client's needs. Home-cooking, dog-walking, laundry, party help - all of these services and more can be added to any package. But don't get confused by the "extras" offered. "We are not an escort service. We have a strict "No Touch" policy in place to protect our clients and ourselves. We want everyone to have a great time within legal limits."

Joshua hopes the business is welcomed with open arms in New York, and has plans to expand in the future. "Once we nail down our client base in NYC, I hope you'll start seeing Buff Maids pop up all over the country. Who doesn't love a little Good Clean Fun?"

Intrigued? You can learn more about services and rates by visiting their website at