Hold a Group Garage Sale and Make More Money

Holding a garage sale is an excellent way to clear your home of unwanted items while making some extra money as well. Most people do this for their own house only. However there is the option of joining forces with other people in your street and holding a group garage sale. This can be a very wise choice, since doing so has several advantages.

Firstly, by holding a combined sale you'll have a much bigger advertising budget at your disposal. You can really blitz the local press with nice big, noticeable ads. And with a greater number of people involved you can post many more online classified ads at sites such as Craigslist, Backpage and a whole host of others.

Flyer runs work very well for this kind of event. With more cash available you can get bigger, more colorful flyers produced. (One way of making them more eye-catching is to have the black text printed on yellow paper, for example.)

And with, say, a couple of families involved there are sure to be some energetic kids who can be sent out to distribute these flyers through different parts of your neighborhood, as well as leaving some up on community notice boards in supermarkets, laundromats and the like.

Just as you have more people to promote the group garage sale, you'll also have more people there on the day. This is important, because you're likely to have some large items such as sofas and fridges that need to be moved into place. Also, if and when these are sold, the buyers will appreciate help in loading them onto trailers and such. More eyes and ears can also monitor the situation more thoroughly. Unfortunately, the more people who attend such an event, the greater the chance that someone will attempt to take something and not pay.

Speaking of payment: With a group sale there'll also be more people there to take the money. This is important, because if you do end up getting a really big crowd, faster processing will result in a greater profit.

The sharing of these promotional tasks doesn't just lead to more sales on the day. It also has substantial social benefits. If you're new to the area, getting neighbors involved can be a good way of breaking the ice. And even if no one in your street is interested, you still have a reason to go and have a chat with them.

Not only does planning, advertising and holding a group garage sale bring the participants together. It unifies the local community on the day itself as well. Surely that's another good reason to hold such an event.