Facebook Advertising Strategies

The growth of Facebook for a short period has been phenomenal and now receives more visits than Google. So for those who are in line of business is fertile soil. The free video workshop goes into more detail on setting up your ads on Facebook, and in particular what will be approved and what is not. That will save a lot of time and effort

Remember that Facebook is primarily a social media platform. Most people do not go to Facebook to shop. It's not like e-bay in that sense! So if you are expecting sales immediately you may be disappointed. What has, however, is the opportunity to connect and build relationships with potential customers, building long term, "You know, like, trust" relationship. Instead of sending your prospect to a sales page, send them to a landing page where you can offer something of value in exchange for their data to build your list. You can send a landing page immediately!

Or you can send to your Facebook "Fan" page on which you can, as your page and can be used as a landing page with a choice in how and build your autoresponder list. Even if you do not take their freebie offer their fans on his face book page is another list of prospects that have to some extent "chosen" to have more contact with you.

Experiment with your ads. Create more ads that target fewer people. Split test the ads to see what works best. For example, if you're advertising a home based business they are looking specifically for mothers who stay at home? Taylor your copy to the specific audience. The great advantage of advertising strategies Facebook has over Google is that you can laser target your advertising based on demographics, interests, age, sex, relationship status and education that people put on their profile, and not just keywords and location that allows Google. It has been suggested that women respond better to ads rose in the image. With Facebook Ads you can try it out!

It helps especially with the attraction marketing (see: Marketing strategies to attract new rich), which is positioning itself as a resource to help and offer solutions to people in their place.

Most users will not immediately make a purchase, so you need to make sure you have at least engaged. If you went to an appointment and wait two weeks to return the call probably would not be a second! Follow up with a message that reveals valuable to them. The more you give freely to those you get. The same goes for their fans. Follow up with your fans often and always.

Be consistent with the Facebook advertising strategies. One thing that too many internet marketers do is to stop using a strategy too quickly, before I had the opportunity to work. This applies to the Facebook advertising strategies as well. While you will want to try a number of different ads to see what works best, try to divide and analyze statistics, also found that the results will change with brand awareness. Remember that the law of marketing that most people will be exposed to a product, or advertisement, 8 times before acting.

These mean not spending beyond their means for a week and have no money left at the end. Instead, set reasonable budgets that you will be able to handle longer periods of time.