Stylish vanities ?EUR" what are they made of?

For past few years I have been working as interior designer, closely cooperating with Marble City Company Granite Hayward, my favorite retailer of precious materials. With the help of Marble City Company Marble San Jose I was able to prepare highly successful presentations and completed projects for many of my clients. Recently I have been working on few different bathroom projects and I spent a lot of time searching for the best materials for vanities at Marble City Caesarstone San Jose. I've made few observations about the materials, which in my opinion work best for bathroom applications and I prepared a short list of most important features for exquisite look and very high usability for every bathroom vanity tops.

The main characteristic of bathrooms environment is usually high moisture. This cannot be avoided unless you want to spend additional amount of money on heating bathroom all year round. Contrary to kitchen countertops shower rooms and vanity materials are wiped dry very rarely, due to the fact that they are used often and in a hurry. For that reasons, first of all, I would recommend highly water and moisture resistant materials, such as Caesarstone or granites with very low water absorption, not more than 0,1% or 0,2%. These materials will last much longer and won't have that wet feeling when you touch them, even when installed in rooms with high moisture. Marble City Company Granite Oakland has in their offer both Caesarstone and water resistant granites, so I would recommend personal visit to Marble City Company Granite San Francisco to ask about available materials and look for the ones, which have the most interesting colors.

Yes, you got it right, interesting colors. There is an old fashioned trend of choosing only very bright or, quite contrary, very dark colors for bathrooms. The former are supposed to create very clean and fresh space, the latter are used to create a sense of luxury. But in reality super bright bathrooms seems to be even colder than they really are, while dark walls or floor in bathroom makes the space look very tiny and close. For long time now designers have been putting it straightforward that to create really interesting spaces we should experiment more with colors. I would apply exactly the same directives to bathrooms. If you are afraid of experimenting with intensive colors choose one of marble types in very toned down, warm colors or the famous Blizzard Caesarstone from Marble City Company Marble San Francisco offer. If you want to try more lively colors check the new array of granites at Marble City Company Countertops San Leandro, which include stunning Emerald Green, Bianco Antico and Madura Gold. For those, who are not afraid of very bold colors and eccentric contrasts new palette of quartz stones from my favorite Marble City Granite Countertops San Francisco will create many options to choose from. Enjoy the process and make your bathroom look fabulous!