Family Relations During The Holidays

With the end of the year Holidays just around de corner, family relations can either raise happy, sad or angry feelings.

We may have plans to meet with our family at this time of year from across the country or the ocean and just the thought of coming home may bring memories of the wonderful smell of cooking, the joy of seeing the traditional decorations, the warm feeling of endless talks around the kitchen table with siblings, and the comfort of the hugs, laughs and happy cries of happiness.

Doesn't it look like a Christmas card to you? It may even be a reality for you. Well, I am blessed because that is how the Holidays have been for me over the years. The Holidays have been a great occasion for coming all together for most years, depending where we lived. Coming home brought such a feeling of comfort. Family relations have been somewhat sacred for me and I feel it is the same for my siblings and parents. It reins a feeling of unconditional love and respect and it is such a wonderful gift.

My mom always said we were four wonderful and easy kids that got along expect of course for occasions where my big brother enjoyed teasing his sister. We are all very different but there is such a connection between us and I cherish that very much. I thank God (the Universe) for having them in my life.

On the other hand, in so many families, there are wounds, scars, ruptures, unpleasant feelings, and family relations are not so easy, especially when we get together for Holidays, or when one is sick or died. Facing those people, and putting aside hurtful events, enduring moments of discomfort is almost unbearable to the point where we chose to not show up at most gathering. It may be with parents, siblings, cousins or even our own children. And yet, in our heart we know that family is of such importance. They are roots, and they are part of who we are.

Knowing our difficulties with these relations, we may have worked so hard to grow up, to resolve issues to forgive etc. and to detach ourselves, live OUR lives and feel freedom. But we soon realize that the attachment is very deep and no matter what, the connection remains.

I have known several women and men that were not in contact with their family, thinking there was no need or connection anymore and one day, but life brought them back together and what a joy. There is a French program on TV where a team is in charge of finding lost family members. People send letters with information they know about the person they have lost. On every show, they bring those people together and it is so amazing to see and feel these beings finding each other again. It is like coming home.

We all have a different upbringing; some with many hurdles, ups and downs, and others easily riding the waves of growing up together, but no matter what, families give us our first impression of the world.

We may today, still fight real hard to keep our balance and find out at each moment that we really are within our world, the family world and the world at large. We may still have unfinished business with parents, even those who passed away, brothers, sisters, and children.

I encourage you to take time and look at all these important people in your life and gradually learn to heal what needs to.

Sometimes, only time will heal, especially when there is a rupture and we do not understand the events. We may carry anger and do not wish to resolve the problems even. But the only place to be is in our Heart, keeping it wide open, since it is as big as the Universe, and filled with love since there is enough in one heart for 6 billion people. Do not doubt the magic of love. It is the most powerful force.

Of course I may add that during periods of fear of meeting family members, unfinished relationships, wishing to reopen conversation with a family member etc. our FAMILY RELATIONS Essence is of great support during those times. And the amazing thing about it is YOU may be the only person using the essences and the world start changing around you. Often we think: "if only he or she would change, things would be so easier.'' But the power lies within each and every one of us and as we begin transforming our self, people around start acting differently around us. Using FAMILY RELATIONS works within your resonance to heal wounds and scars and since you are SO connected to your family and friends, just watch what will happen.

To your family,


Celine Cloutier aka (Gulabo)

Gulabo is co-creator of Canadian Forest Tree Essences, natural remedies ( and works as an Emotional Health Consultant dealing with such important issues as stress, insomnia, depression, conflict resolution, mediation and weight loss. or tel. 888-410-432 to speak to Gulabo or to make an appointment for a consultation.