Have a Home Based Business You Love

Working from home is the new trend. Many people are ripping off their ties, kicking off their heels and trading in the nine-to-five for a home based business...and they LOVE it.

Working from home may not be for everyone, but if you consider yourself highly a motivated individual you may be the perfect candidate to begin your own business. Think about it. Do you think you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? What is it you really love to do? Is there a market for it? Spend some time on the internet looking up information on what it is you love to do. Perhaps what you love to do is photography, painting, rebuilding engines or anything. If you find a lot of "hits" from "Google" you may just have found your perfect "niche".

Recent business and economic reports prove that home based businesses are on the rise and show no sign of slowing. Likely the economy coupled with the increased stress of working at jobs that dissatisfy has shifted the mindset of the working class and caused people to look outside the cubicle to find ways of supplementing their income. Often this journey leads to unexpected self-discoveries and complete career turnarounds. Statistics show that entrepreneurs and persons that run a home based business rank higher in the way of personal job satisfaction.

One example of the increase in home based businesses is freelance writing. Freelance writing has certainly taken off with the internet rage. Today articles are submitted for review in record time and authors gain recognition overnight. And with today's technological advances, authors find themselves shooting photos to accompany their original works. It's true. In today's world the publishing industry has been turned on its head and the entrepreneur freelance writer is taking off. Even Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Nobles, and iMac all recognize the shift and have designed programs that promote and assist the freelance writer to publish a complete work without the help of a publishing company.

Another example of how the home based businesses are increasing is the astounding growth of digital photography. With camera phones and smart phones that include high resolution image capturing, the home based photographer can shoot, upload and sell his or her own works in a matter of minutes. Programs like iStock Photo, which offers royalty free photos for download and upload, have opened doors that were before thought to be locked tight. No longer does the photography hobbyist need a degree. If an individual possesses real talent and eye for uniqueness, good quality photography is an option for a successful home based business.

The recent rise in ratings over reality TV shows has spawned a new interest in the old thanks to shows like "American Pickers" and "Pawn Stars". Americans are discovering what's new with what's old and trading in family heirlooms and garage sale finds for cash. People in towns across the US are opening up their own pawn stores and second-hand shops and they love it. Even for those without a store front, eBay is an option for the home based entrepreneur to take. eBay has created a means for individuals world wide to shop, save, and sell on the web. The economy may be slowing in some ways, but the increase in home based businesses is doing anything but.

How about you? Maybe you've been thinking about it, but you're not sure if it would work. Well, there are no guarantees except this, it won't work if you don't try. And you will be left to wonder "what if?" So if you find yourself gazing out the window over a stack of unfinished filing jobs, perhaps you should take the journey also and discover what it is you love.

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