Choosing Between Steam Power Washers and Hot Water Pressure Washers

If you are planning to purchase a power cleaner, you are sure to be amazed by the huge number of different versions available from leading suppliers. This is, in fact, a great thing because you can choose a high-grade version that will perfectly match your cleaning needs. The kind of pressure cleaner you will need for a specific application will depend on aspects like how tough the dirt deposits are and the surface to be maintained. After reviewing these factors, you can choose from cold water-based, steam-based, or hot water pressure washers.

Cold water power cleaners are now widely utilized to manage a host of cleaning operations. However, these non-heated versions do not possess adequate cleaning power to tackle tough tasks such as fleet maintenance. To efficiently complete these challenging jobs, you must turn to hot water pressure washers. When you need maximum cleaning power to tackle those extremely demanding applications, steam pressure cleaning machines are just what you need.

Experience the Cleaning Power of Hot Water

Hot water pressure washers from leading suppliers feature everything you could possible ask for--rugged construction, quality components, the best cleaning functions, and minimum maintenance issues. By ejecting steam temperatures as high as 330°F and at high pressure levels, these power cleaning systems offer unmatched cleaning power that helps maintain a range of surfaces such as stainless steel, concrete, walls, floors, industrial machinery, driveways, and other hard surfaces.

Hot water pressure washers are especially useful for degreasing floors, walls, and machinery in food processing or manufacturing plants. The greasy deposits in these settings cannot be washed away with cold water. In fact, using cold water will result in hard clumps that will stick onto surfaces stubbornly, resisting all efforts of removal. However, hot water-based pressure washing equipment will instantly dissolve greasy deposits, while the high pressure levels aid in washing away the dissolved deposits.

The Amazing Cleaning Action of Steam

Steam-based power cleaners are called the best pressure washers primarily because of their highly aggressive cleaning action. In fact, there is almost no kind of dirt, grease, or stain that steam-based electric pressure washers are incapable of removing. By ejecting steam at superhot temperatures, these power cleaning machines help manage the most challenging maintenance operations with the minimum of effort.

Top suppliers now offer different versions of steam-based pressure washing equipment capable of attaining pressure levels ranging from 750 to 3500 psi. The best pressure washers can eject steam at flow rates ranging from 0.5 to 5 GPM. For more demanding tasks, it is best to choose steam power cleaners with high pressure levels and high flow rates. For example, if you expect high-powered electric pressure washers capable of maintaining up to 10 square feet per minute, choose ones with flow rates of 3 GPM and pressure levels of 2000 psi.

When you have to deal with different cleaning activities on a daily basis, it is best to choose tri-mode power cleaners that offer the advantages of steam power washers and hot water pressure washers in a single unit.