Gangster 'Luciana Vital' Review of the Daily Gangster Member Club

For starters Daily Gangster is a membership site that would probably be of benefit to you if you own a business, entrepreneur, a marketer or perhaps you're about to start a business.

What the Daily Gangster promotes mostly is marketing tools, software, training programs, events, blueprints, books and other things that only a marketer would want for their business.

It's somewhat obvious why it's called The Daily Gangster and the theme of the platform 'shoots from the hip' that you'll find deals so good you'll think you stole them. But nobody goes to jail!

Everything they offer is approved for sale by the item or product merchants, experts and product creators. In many ways, the site lives up to it's motto, because everything I've ever bought at the Daily Gangster is 50% to 90% off genuine street prices.

A true money saver for business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers.

By personal understanding and experience is that the Daily Gangster thoroughly tests all products and services before posting them for members. So in essence, they don't promote worthless products, fly-by-night stuff or anything that's not of great benefit to a business.

Happy Days are Here Again, this is the type of products you will find in Daily Gangster:

Online Training Programs
How-To & Info-Products
Live Events & Seminars
Marketing Tools & Software Tools
Books & EBooks
Services & Consulting Services

Also, though they do not offer refunds, you are assured delivery of the things you buy. So basically, you'll get exactly what's expected, but you can't "change your mind" and go crying to the guarantee department.

When you 'gunning around' Daily Gangster all clued-up, you will make out like a mobster. By combining the deep discounts with the numerous incentives and Gangster Buck bonuses you will earn by recommending friends, it's often possible to get things free.

Though most heists will be very specifically focused on marketing programs, tools and events for business, there will be a monthly "Gangsters for Charity" day where 100% of all proceeds are donated to charity. On this special day, almost any product might be featured as the heist of the day.

A re-cap on Daily Gangster

The heist lasts only one day. It does not effect any other marketing or pricing a merchant might have going.
Merchants secure a high number of sales in a very short period of time and keep 40% of all sales - web deliverables are best.
Merchants have no costs and minimal time investment. (Affiliate fees, Gangster bucks, Processing and Marketing costs are paid for by the Daily Gangster)
Merchants get new customers fast. Many become long term customers.
Merchants get free PR, brand promotion and buzz.
Merchants earn a lifetime 12% bounty on referrals.
No Refunds: The Daily Gangster has a crystal clear "No Refund" policy that all members understand when they join or buy. Merchants can count on all sales being solid and final.
It's more fun than a jailbreak! It may only last one day, but both Merchants and customers are happy.

All in all no reason why not to join up, you have got nothing to lose.