What Is The EASIEST Way to Build a Home Based Business From Scratch? (Article Marketing Secrets)

Starting a home based business and need MORE free traffic? You've probably come across many blogs and guru's discussing the amazing array of advantages offered by creating content for article directories, right?

But what EXACTLY is article marketing? How does it compare to building a blog, or creating lenses, hubs and social media profiles on a given subject? Is it profitable? Is it really suited for home based business opportunities?

Does it take a while to work? And if it does... What is the very BEST place to begin to ensure that I'm successful?

Any of these questions sound familiar? If they do... continue reading as we take a quick and easy look at some common article marketing questions immediately below!

What is article marketing EXACTLY?

The truth? Everyone has a bit of a different definition. MY definition (after writing over 5000 that have generated many millions of readers in more niches than I can count) is THIS:

Any content you create to SYNDICATE around the web for the purpose of driving traffic BACK to a hyper specific landing page. (most optimally, this landing page should be a page set up to create a subscriber to your community)

How long does article marketing take to work?

Great question, and one that should be asked much more often. The truth is, content creation for offsite syndication is a QUANTITY game. Writing one article a day is rarely a viable way to build a real business and the folks who want you to believe that typically are not telling the truth. (because everyone who does this professionally KNOWS you've got to be willing to write a lot to succeed)

In my experience, it depends a lot on the niche, and the way you set up the back side of your campaign. (the conversation that ensues after a stranger becomes a subscriber)

The GOOD news?

You can literally start making money from a content marketing campaign in under a week, and if you have a solid strategy in place, a full time living is possible in under a few months.

Is keyword research important?

Not really, no. Again, while the "gurus" want you to believe it is, I'd MUCH rather spend my time testing killer headlines and resource boxes, rather than trying to pick the perfect keywords to include in my content. (not only does that NOT work anymore, it's not going to compel, coerce or cajole folks who DO read your content to click through to you're landing page, as above)

Article marketing is THE most "newbie" friendly business building strategy there is... PERIOD.

Why? You only need a keyboard, and some PASSION about a topic, to literally create copious amounts of killer content that convert like CRAZY, and be able to do it in short weekend. (no previous experience required)


Focus on creating CONTENT and community. If you do that, and do it consistently, the CONVERSION (and the cash) will take care of itself, I promise!