How to remodel kitchen and bathroom and save some money?

Cheap remodeling is one of a kind type of art. That is because the main aim of this operation is to create design that looks much more expensive than it really is. The best designers usually have their own bag of tricks to choose from, but retailers of precious materials such as Marble City Company Countertops San Jose can have quite a few nice ideas of their own for both amateurs and pros alike.

Let's say that you want to remodel your kitchen, but your budget is very restricted. You cannot afford to change floor or countertops, but you would still want to include some precious material in the interior design of your kitchen to make it look more upscale. In this case Marble City Company Granite San Jose would recommend installation of new backsplash in your kitchen instead of remodeling it all. There are few ways to do it. The most expensive way is to order new slab of granite, marble or quartz from Marble City Company Granite Sunnyvale and mount it on the wall above the countertop. Usually the backsplash area is smaller than the countertop below it, so installing new backsplash from a slab of material is not that expensive. However, if this is still too much for you, there are two other options. Marble City Company Granite Remnants San Jose retails not only new slabs, but also remnants - parts of slabs, which were cut and not used during installation of applications ordered by our clients. Thanks to that you can order granite material for much lower price than the regular one. The biggest disadvantage is that the remnants are much smaller than original slabs and if you cannot find one in size, which will fit your backsplash you will have to use materials coming from two different slabs. Luckily, Marble City Company Granite Sunnyvale is experienced in creating very unique mosaic like installations from granite. If you decide to use this third option you can save up to 50% of all costs of ordering, planning and installing entirely new backsplash from new slabs of materials.

Thanks to Marble City Company Granite San Francisco new offer you can remodel both kitchen and bathroom for the price of remodeling only one of these two rooms. You do not have to worry about the quality - granite remnants preserve all features of the original slabs they were once part of: they are very durable, scratch, heat and breakage resistant. Thanks to our new broaden offer of granite types and colors there is also a lot of new materials to choose from, so everyone can find granite in color and texture that will fit his or her interior design best. To order granite remnants installation go to one of Marble City Company Marble San Jose showrooms or visit our website and order the estimate online.