Small business telephone system: from PBX to IP PBX

If you are setting up a new business at a small scale, with 25-40 employees, you might probably be requiring the right type of communication equipment and services. Small business telephone systems will be able to connect all the relevant message or parts of the organizations. These come with the extensions of the required number of business phone lines.There are some of the typical requirements of the small business which make it imperative to make use of the telephone systems small business.

These require far more control over their expenses and therefore require the running expenses to be the minimum possible, without effecting the normal business operations. A cubicle telephone systems need connection with all the concerned sectors of the organization but instead of calling direct, it is best to route through the centralised owner who can facilitate the calling or call course-plotting.

There are good chances that the employees are more than willing to use a cubicle the radio for calling and then keep talking at length. If you allow this as a habit, you will loose the productivity as well as increase the telephone bills. So, there will be a two way loss.

For these and for many other reasons, the business phone systems increasingly being employed by the various organizations are the PBX systems which are private transactions. These help you hook up to the the radio, fax machines, modems, other extensions and even the public telephone networks. Some of the benefits offered by the PBX business phone systems are:

Sharing of business phone line: Normally businesses do not have more than one PSTN lines. So, they fulfill the element connecting the different sectors or the employees of the organization by providing the extensions to different locations using only one or a limited number of PSTN lines. Allow the better call management since the calls have to come and to go from a centralised location. It will help minimizing the unwanted calls or calling for a long amount of time. These allow for easy conversion into the VOIP based PBX systems. These can be easily upgraded to provide the internet based telephonic solutions as well.

Intercom is a device between the personal admin and the police officer whereas the PBX is a more sophisticated version. The latter uses the PSTN connection to make the outbound calls as well as to obtain the incoming calls. It also comes with call transfer facility between the off shoot lines. The same features are not available in the intercom which is essentially between to people only. The IP PBX small business telephone systems come with a choice of features like the call forwarding, voice mail, IVR, audio and video conferencing and a number of other features which are not there in the intercom. The intercom is now mostly restricted being used to be as a door phone. Most of the modern day office phone systems use the voice over internet protocol technology.