Keeping Garage Doors Pittsburgh Looking Their Best

When looking for maintenance tips for Pittsburgh Garage Door homeowners might need information on keeping these units looking great for many years. Most door units created today have a permanent finish that is designed to last many years with little maintenance. However, a few minutes here and there can help to ensure that finish looks great many years in the future.

Since this large door often faces the road, over time it can become coated with dust, debris and emission deposits from passing vehicles. Fortunately, the surface can will withstand washing. If a squirt from the garden hose does not remove all the accumulations from the face of a door, use a soft car wash brush and a mild detergent to gently scrub the surface. Be sure to rinse all soap residue away.

Many times the surface can be restored to a like new appearance by applying a light coat of automotive wax. The wax offers some gentle abrasives that can polish out scratches and will protect the door from the elements. It will remove oxidized paint and keep the door looking great for many years in the future.

Over time, the edges of steel units can start developing rust. Quick action can prevent having to replace the door early. Use a wire brush and emery cloth to remove visible rust. Paint using a metal primer to prevent further rust. Finally, top with color matching the remainder of the door. In addition, homeowners may choose to paint the entire door to match the exterior of the home. Be sure to use sandpaper to scuff the surface and allow the new paint to adhere to the door.

For longest life of a door, it is important to keep the hardware in good shape. Take time each month to check the bolts on the hinges between the panels and tighten them as necessary. Check the rollers and track. Lubricate or replace rollers as necessary. If the torsion spring breaks, call a door repair company for replacement.

If the door needs to be replaced, there are many options available today. A professional installation and repair company can help with the selection as well as installation.

Garage doors Pittsburgh can affect the curb appeal of homes. Having a great looking door can make a home more inviting to residents and guests. If attempting to sell the home, homeowners will benefit from taking time to ensure the door is looking its best.