Want to Make EASY Money Online? The Easiest Way to $100 a Day Working From Home

Making money online is NOT as hard as the gurus, the gimmicks and the get rich from home crowd wants you to believe. If you keep it simple, dumb it down, and focus on what you do really LOVE to do, you are going to be surprised at how well you can really DO. (and how quickly you can make it happen as well)

I'm going to give you a super simple strategy below that ANYONE can use to earn $100 a day, in just the next 30 days or so, without any gurus, any gimmicks or any silly strategies devised to get you to pay for something that is doomed to disappoint.

You need 3 things to make this work.

Content. (much like this article)
Community (A landing page with an opt in form, or newsletter subscription box is more than enough to begin)
Conversation (What you SAY to your subscribers, to facilitate trust, rapport and a real relationship that allows a future transaction to take place)
Curriculum (something to sell your subscribers)

I call the entire approach the Strategy of Straight Lines, and at it's SIMPLEST and easiest to implement level, it works EXACTLY like this:

You write articles and submit them to OFFSITE article directories. (much the way you are reading this article on a directory)

You "point" your readers to the community building page I mention above, through the resource box links that you are allowed. (this is where you promote your site, service or offer, and I recommend you use this space to drive folks to a single "opt in" page to build your list)

You begin a CONVERSATION, where you "talk" to your subscribers, offering them advice, input, information and insight into whatever it was that they signed up for in step #2.

Lastly, you need a Curriculum, or something to SELL, to the portion of the community who want something to buy! Remember, in the online marketing space, you only need a very, very small percentage of your list to buy anything at all to make money...and often a whole LOT of money to boot. If you can get 2, 3 or even 4 percent of your subscribers to become clients and customers, you are doing much better than many of the "gurus" who sell FAR less than that on a percentage basis. (only of course, they are sending the same "boring" message out to millions of people, through affiliates, JV partners, etc)

The KEY to earning $100 a day is very simple.

What you sell as the "curriculum" part of the equation is the key. For example, in the entrepreneurial space, it's SUPER easy to make $100 a day (or a whole heck of a lot more) selling coaching, or personal services.

In diet, nutrition, credit, health, and any niche that has a personalized and PASSION focus...the same is true.

But if you are in a niche where you don't feel comfortable selling YOU yet...simply find a good affiliate program that meets the needs of your audience (your community) and sell THAT instead.

The best part to the approach above is, it can be done 100% free for the most part, and is a whole lot of fun to build to boot!