Make Money Through YouTube

Today's most well known site for watching, uploading, sharing and downloading online videos is simply YouTube. YouTube came into existence in 2005, and in a very short period of time became most successful and revenue generating website over the web.

Thousands of people upload videos on YouTube and millions of people watch it. You can simply think of, what viewership is there on YouTube of each video. YouTube can be used as a publishing platform for original videos that entertain all age group of people. Their are many Internet stars have turned their video views into pay cheques. I'm going to discuss with you few ways through which you can make money online using YouTube that is earning with entertainment.

Upload your videos

Making your own original videos and uploading them on YouTube is one of the most well known way of making money on YouTube. You should be a registered member of YouTube for uploading videos. You need to have either a YouTube account or Google account to upload videos.

Be sure that videos that you are going to upload are your original one's. YouTube doesn't accepts videos that are not original. If you are uploading a video of any song or a star and you need to have permissions for it then only YouTube allows you to upload that video.

You can create your own video related to anything like cooking, cooking tips, health and fitness videos, presentation tips videos, any subject related videos like flash or Photoshop etc., your own online teaching videos etc. This is also known as content creator that is who creates his own content.

In order to monetize your videos you need to apply for the YouTube partners. It will take sometime to be get approved. Then you need to add adsense programs to your account. This is the way how your videos are en-cashed. Once you apply for adsense different ads will appear on your video and as they are clicked you will get your share of profit. It works same as Google adsense and Affiliate Programs way to make money. Your account may be disabled if you use any of the following without the persons permission who created or produce it:

Music (including cover songs, lyrics, and background music)

Graphics and pictures (including photographs and artwork)

Movie or TV visuals

Video game or software visuals.

Share YouTube videos on your blog
In there is a option to add its videos in your posts. You simply need to add a small piece of code that is there to your blog and you are ready to share videos. Once you had added that code now you can use different affiliate programs as well as adsense program and make money.

Advertise Your business
Every business can be a big success if it is well promoted and well advertised. You can even advertise your business using this for free and that will bring business to you. You can even promote your blog and website using it and drive its traffic to your hard work.

As in Blogging people do make money by number of page impression similarly number of times a video is watched also contributes in money making. You should share your videos and its link on social networking sites to increase number of viewers of your video. Visit for more information on the same.

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If you want to upload any video that is not yours then there is also a way out.

You simply download the video in FLV format.

Convert it into MPEG.

Now add watermarks to your video of your own website address or blog promoting your own affiliate program. You can add watermarks using Photoshop software.

Now cash the checks. It is as simple as that.