Gas alarm, Gas detectors and carbon monoxide detector for protection against explosions

Gas alarm, Gas detectors and carbon monoxide detector serve a crucial role that can often save lives. Gas poses a silent threat that can be fatal if undetected. Individuals are often under the impression that they will easily be able to notice the presence of a harmful gas through smell but poisonous gases like carbon monoxide can be odorless, tasteless and colorless. Gas alarm, gas detectors and carbon monoxide can be portable or fixed to a specific location and they play an integral role in modern industrial safety. If you want to protect your home from explosions then Nereus Alarms are best place for it.

Nereus Alarms manufacture and sell a range of high quality gas alarms (gas detectors) for boats, RIBs and small craft. Proven in use for over 9 years, these products offer outstanding reliability and protect from the dangers of,

*LPG (butane/propane)
*Petrol Vapour
*Carbon Monoxide

Gas alarm and gas detectors are required at every place where there are any kinds of gaseous emissions. This is the main reason why carbon monoxide detector is a must have for homes where you burn indoors with fuels for heating and cooking purposes.

The Need for a Gas Alarm

A leak of LPG (LP Gas) can result from any number of situations such as split or perished flexible hoses, chaffing pipes, leaking joints, poorly installed appliances, cracked cylinder lockers, loose cylinder regulators or unlit burners. Being heavier than air, LPG will sink and collect in the bilge or any available compartment. A naked flame, electrical spark or hot exhaust is all that is required to cause an explosion.

We all know that a gas leak stands the chance of leading to an explosion in the right circumstances so obviously it is very important to make sure that leaks are fixed up just as fast as they possibly can be. With gas detectors it is much easier to trace that leak and be able to find out what must be done in order to get it fixed. These detectors are often employed by firms that deal with servicing gas lines, but they have many other users, as well.

Other Features

Nereus Alarms offer that type of alarm systems which are small, neat and stylish. They are easy to install (either flush or surface mounted), simple to use and require no maintenance. Lights on the control panel indicate power, fault (e.g. damaged wire to sensor) and alarm conditions. All models have an internal alarm buzzer, an output to drive additional remote sirens and a separate alarm relay output.

These professional alarms are widely used by boat builders, charterers, small vessel coders (MCA), gas fitters, marine engineers, boat & RIB owners, working boats and Government agencies around the world. To know more about gas alarm, gas detectors and carbon monoxide detector just click on: