The WHOLE Truth About Online Marketing: ZNZ One


Today's job climate has left many individuals searching for a practical and profitable means of making an income.Whether unemployment is the result of a layoff or the difficulty gaining traction in a highly competitive job market, many are finding themselves reaching a point of desperation. It's no surprise that of these individuals, so many are turning to at-home work opportunities, particularly online marketing. The benefits are plentiful: working from home allows stay-at-home mothers to contribute to the household finances, there is no need to commute, you are your own boss, ect.
Despite the promises of working from home, many are left with a whole new set of dilemmas when it comes to choosing the right association. Often times, after signing up you may find that you will be asked to pay a "start-up" fee or asked to purchase software, books, or to attend a conference to "guaruntee your success." To the average person this can be more than overwhelming. Not to mention, that once you have spent all of your savings on all of the required materials, you have the task of sorting through all of the information which has been thrown in your direction.
Some may also find that they have been scammed, altogether. Instead of generating income they are spending more and more. Furthermore, they will find that they are pelted with unwanted e-mails, phone calls, or mail from their "affiliates." The frustration could leave anyone ready to wash their hands with any work-at-home solution. After all, legitimacy is just as important as actually making money when it comes to working online, from home.


Despite all of the above obstacles, there are a handful of online marketing opportunities which offer validity and the capacity to make real income. Let us focus on one of these companies: ZNZ One. In order to come to the conclusion of whether one should consider a particular online marketing corporation it is best to consider features that should NOT be involved. For example, when it comes to an online marketing opportunity, or any work-from-home position, there should never be a request that you pay for anything. In other words, you should never have to pay money to make money. If you do find a system which requires the payment of fees or the purchasing of materials consider this as a red flag.With ZNZ One, you pay for absolutely nothing to get your personal marketing system set up or to maintain.
Now that you know you don't need to pay to be a part of ZNZ One you can keep your credit/ debit card in your pocket, right? Well, not necessarily.In order, to start with ZNZ One you are required to sign up for a free trial with one of the Fortune 500 corporations (such as Once you have completed the majority of your trial offer you can cancel and your credit/debit card will not be charged. Satisfying the trial requirement will a lot you one credit which is what you need to start setting up with ZNZ One. However, if you choose to continue using the service, feel free. All of your tools and training required to market with ZNZ One are 100% free and provided for you on their training site.
When it comes to marketing online, many feel that it must be difficult, or that you need a marketing degree in order to be successful. Some online marketing opportunities require the mastering of material but this is not the case with ZNZ One. Ask anyone who has set up with ZNZ One and you will find that it is refreshingly easy to do. There are step-by-step directions and video instructionals which explain the ins and outs of this system. Also, you can utilize the free informative webinars which occur at a set date and time online. For those needing more assistance, there is a customer service department which will assist with any other questions. ZNZ One sets up your own personal website(which you can later customize) and this would be where potential customer and will visit and sign up.
As stated previously, online marketing scams flood the world wide web. One way to determine if a company's sole purpose is to scam you out of funds, or information, is to investigate. Who is this company associated with? If the company is not associated with a company that you recognize, this may be another red flag. Check out the website and look for any fine print that contradicts or undermine promises that the company may highlight.
ZNZ One is associated and backed by several Fortune 500 corporations. Your information is never sold or passed around to other online businesses and you are made aware of all activity that occurs with your online marketing business with ZNZ One. In fact, you are encouraged to sign up for a free PayPal account and a free AccountNow prepaid debit card which is used strictly for transferring earnings to you from ZNZ One . This brings me to a very important point....


Yes, yes, and yes. As mentioned payments are sent through PayPal from ZNZ One (all transactions are secure and insured with PayPal). Most importantly, you are paid daily. Once you set up your PayPal account and link it with ZNZ One you could be paid instantly for every person who signs up for a free trial with one of the Fortune 500 corporations. As great as that sounds, this opportunity is not a get-rich-quick scheme (each signup is worth $20.00 sent directly to you). As you progress and get more of a handle on marketing with ZNZ One you will increase your residual income. Overall, the more input the greater the outcome you will have in this online marketing system.
So lets do the math: Lets say you are just starting out (without any advertisement or marketing strategies used) and you get 4 sign-ups per day. That calculates to:
= $80.00/day
= $560.00/ week
= $ 2240.00/ month ......
Not bad for a starting off point. Your daily income will increase greatly as you apply the tools and simple marketing strategies which are provided on the ZNZ One training site. If you are interested in being a part of ZNZ One visit:

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