How To Make Money Working From Home Part One

Have you noticed that things are getting pretty tough out there financially?

I know, that's a pretty obvious question. So, do you have a plan to do something about it for yourself, or are you doing what 95% of the population are doing, and hoping things will get better?

There is good news and bad news here. The bad news is that things are not going to "get better" in the next few years -- in fact in terms of money and lifestyle they are going to get a lot worse.

The good news is -- you can do something about it for yourself and your family. First you have to make a quality decision to take action.

A millionaire once told me " You will never be paid what you are worth working for someone else, you will only be paid what your job is worth." I knew he was right, I could not see any way of achieving any sort of success on the salary I was being paid, so I started working for myself then, and have done so ever since, some forty years now.

If you have a job, I am not suggesting you give it up yet, keep doing what you are doing for now, and build another income alongside it, then when your second income is bigger than your job income you can decide whether to let the boss go or not, it will be your choice.

Many people complain that they don't have enough money, but they never seem to get round to doing anything about it. When I ask "why not" they say "I don't have the time" -- but they watch television for around four hours each evening.

You could spend some of this time working to increase your income instead, there will be time to watch TV, take a holiday, etc later when the money is coming in. Successful people do not watch very much TV. They read books instead. Most wealthy people are the same as everyone else except in one area of life, they will study for a long time to improve their mind.

My millionaire friend told me "don't spend your money on going to concerts, football matches, expensive cars and holidays -- use that money to fund your own business." That was the best information I ever got for free, and I am passing it on to you now. I truly hope that you think that this is good advice. After all, what have you got to lose, apart from some television time?

So now I will throw a few ideas about for you on what you might do to earn extra money.

When I started working for myself, I was on such a poor salary that it didn't take long to replace it, you may be different, (I did say keep your job till later on then let your boss go!) Of course you will have a different skill set to me, but there will be something out there for you to work on.

Find something to do that you are already familiar with and know something about, or buy knowledge in the form of books, DVDs, courses at college, etc. Buy and sell cars from home, thousands of people do this, go to your local car auction and buy, with sites such as eBay and AutoTrader it is easier than ever to sell them on again.

Again, use Ebay to sell almost anything; there are people on eBay now heading for their second million! Many of them have turned an interest or hobby into a good business. Examples include Antiques, Art, Collectables such as pottery, glass, snuff boxes football memorabilia, the list is endless, whatever you know about, get out there into the marketplace and go for it!

Make items to sell, again an endless list, but hand-knitted scarves, hats, jumpers all sell, at craft fairs or on eBay or the other internet auction sites.

Buy a fret saw and make small gifts with it, I bought a child's colouring book and used the pictures as patterns to cut out small wooden animals from thick plywood. We used to have a stall at craft fairs in our area, and I could not keep up making Elephants, Giraffes, Dogs and Cats. The kids loved them and at a pound each we made some good money.

Stores will pay you to be a "mystery shopper".

If you have a musical talent go busking, do it properly with a licence from your local council, you can earn a few hundred pounds a day in a busy place!

Using your own particular set of skills, put a card in your local Newsagents window - - - "man and van for hire" "handyman, no job too small" "Local Electrician, available for large or small jobs" "Gardens tidied, hedges and lawns cut" "Painter and Decorator, reasonable rates" "Reliable Cleaner available" - - - this old idea still works today, there are thousands of elderly people who want jobs doing. Do a good job (you don't have to be cheap) and soon you will have enough work to make a decent living, word-of-mouth recommends will see to that.

If you put some simple A.5 size leaflets through letterboxes in your area you may be surprised at the number of responses you get for all the "odd job" types of work described above.

Buy a pressure washer and advertise, caravan cleaning, garden path cleaning Wheelie bin cleaning -- "no job too small" -- Have a twenty pound minimum charge to cover travelling expenses. If you are good with figures, or already work in an accounts department, advertise your "book-keeping for small business" service. These are just a few ideas, there are thousands of things you can do to earn extra money or replace your job income.

Some of these ideas really take off; here is one example from my hometown, Colne in Lancashire.

Many years ago in Colne, a family called Hartley started making and selling bottled preserves (as they were called back then), first from home, then from a market stall, then from shops - - - if you live in the U.K. I'll bet you have heard of Hartley's Jam -- they finished up being Colne's biggest benefactors, founding a Hospital and Sheltered Housing for local people among other good works.

Buy a franchise business if you can afford it, with this type of business you get on-going training and advice from people who have made the business work.

All the above ideas will earn you money, and if you are looking to earn some extra money each week you can pursue one of these ideas, or something similar. - - - There is also another way to earn money, and, while obvious once pointed out, this method has produced most of the millionaires in the last fifty years or so. We will get to this in part two - - -