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Nuances of Drainage Systems in Apartment Complexes

In this post let us have a look at some of the ways in which the drainage is disposed in a more environmentally sound method. In this method, all a Chennai builder has to do is to construct septic tanks or leech pits in which the drainage system is drained. The excess water in the drainage is absorbed by the soil around. The water seeps through the soil slowly by which time the fine soil materials acts as a filter before the water percolates the ground water table. The solid waste is left behind to compost and in this process good garden manure is also left as a by-product.

A slight innovation in the above said method is the use of Eco-san toilets. In rural India, eco-san toilets are increasingly promoted by many NGO. But this system has not been introduced to the urban areas. Chennai builders can cash in on this lovely environmentally sustainable model of sewage disposal as this system does not require extensive pipes, drains or even water.

The common goal of any environmentally sound sewage disposal that needs to be taken note by any Chennai builder who wish to employ this method in their apartment complex and innovate are the systems needs to prevent infection thereby health conscious, it needs to protect the environment by not polluting and wasting water, the system needs to recycle back to the soil what has been taken. One another system is collection of grey-water which is the water collected from kitchen sinks, wash basins, bath tub etc. This grey-water collected is used for flushing toilets. In this ingenious but simple method more than 65% water can be saved. Builders in Chennai need to take note of the fact and can include this method as a USP in their upcoming projects. Raindrops Promoters, a renowned Chennai builder has taken a note of this point and may be employing this method in their upcoming projects.

Chennai builders can also contribute to creating a green future by constructing Flats in Chennai which lets out the collected grey-water in a small man made pond like structure near which a garden can be grown. This can enhance the greenery in the project area. Plants like Canna Indica (Kalvaazhai in Tamil), having the ability to absorb hard polluting elements in the waste, can be grown in the immediate vicinity of the grey-water mini-pond.

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