Several ways to use granite in the household

Granite has become the synonym of exquisiteness and luxury and in most of modern designs of today you can find decorative elements and fittings made from granite. If you want to introduce granite elements in your household, but do not know what to choose and how to do it, this article provide you with several most popular granite applications for residential apartments. These ideas were gathered and prepared with the help of retailers from Marble City Company Granite San Jose, who sell the finest granite slabs in most exquisite colors, such as Blue Brazil or Bianco Antico. Now you can check the possible options and choose the right one for your budget.

There are multiple applications for granite in the household, from countertops to monuments. There are, however, three factors, which determine the cost of installation of the fitting you would like to choose and you should take all three of those factors into your consideration. The first thing is the type of material: granite comes in slabs or in tiles. Granite slabs are more expensive, while tiles are small and not always suitable for large installations. There is another, less popular option, which is granite remnants- left over parts after cutting of a granite slab. You can order them at Marble City granite remnants San Jose and mount as part of smaller applications to have the quality of a granite slab for the price of granite tiles. Another thing is the quality - granites differ in patterns and sources of origin and this affect their prices. The third factor is the size of installation - big surfaces, such as flooring or stairs will require more material and so be more expensive. You need to take all these factors into consideration before you make an order at Marble City Granite Santa Clara.

So what are the most popular granite applications in residential households? At Marble City Granite Hayward we get a lot of orders for kitchen countertops San Francisco, vanity tops for bathrooms and table tops cut from granite. These are ones of the least expensive options, because they are fairly small and can be made from cut slabs or granite remnants. Granite backsplashes for kitchen or shower walls are also often ordered by our clients. In more expensive versions they are made from slabs, but they can be made from granite remnants and tiles as well, decreasing the whole cost of mounting.

At Marble City Granite South San Francisco we often receive orders for granite floorings and stairs. The ones made from big slabs of granite look really stunning, but custom designed and made mosaic granite floors are equally extraordinary, while being less expensive at the same time. Finally such decorative elements as granite monuments, furniture or fireplaces can be also designed and ordered with the help of Marble City Company Granite San Francisco.