Radar cell phone comes out amazing

With the ever-changing technology, today's cell phones no matter from the appearance or built-in accessories are focused on a "small" character. Although the "small" in the beautiful big meet on the beauty of consumers desire, but the quality of incoming discouraged most people to soak. Because the phone is too small, it can not guarantee that the standby time. Both have two solutions? Through in August for 100 million has been launched this "radar S106" phone, these are no longer a problem.

Since 2005, cooperation with the German company Infineon to now, 100 million cell phones not only won through the essence of the European energy-saving technology, the sensitivity has also been a major breakthrough. Static sensitivity index, for example, national and industry standards are as-102dBm, but 100 million through a standards-108.5dBm, which means that 100 million handsets through the sensitive, weak signal environments can reduce the search network frequency, which can receive a weaker signal.

For the "radar S106", it extended 100 million through cell phones in addition to a stand-used long, strong signal characteristics, also has other brand machine can not match advantage. It uses a three-receiver antenna design, clutter can interfere with the signal detected and tracked. In addition, S106 break the traditional built-in cell phone antenna design, antenna close to the battery door, increased the signal reception area, significantly enhancing the phone's signal, the call performance is unmatched.
When you are still living in such an embarrassing experience and endless bother: just on the elevator, the phone rang suddenly can not connect; into the underground parking lot after the phone can not hear what is important; in the home country road with a cell phone call needs " roar "; and mountain climbing with friends and relatives can not be contacted due to lost.

So the editor strongly recommend that you use 100 million through radar S106, even if you're in the middle of the lift, underground parking, remote rural areas, 500 meters high mountain, it gives you all the way "to keep the call", without any interference, which is 100 million through S106 features the most humanized design and the greatest charm.

In addition, S106 is also the appearance of people was "amazing." It's revolutionary ergonomic curve design, graceful arc frame, tiny delicate; back arched shell beautiful streamlined design, showing strength and beauty of steel and soft economy; the grip feeling, it posted palms together heart, size medium, medium weight, perfect to bring a sense of comfort and understanding.

In addition, the S106's keys with superior radar crystal materials, crystal clear, extremely hard, almost not afraid of any wear, only the diamond drill bit can be cut and polished. While its shell is used in a positive frame of zinc alloy mirror (you can see from the side of a total of five cutting surfaces), has excellent corrosion resistance and ultra-low temperature performance.
Such a cell phone in hand, if it does not say who will think it is a cost just a few hundred dollars in low-end models do (buy cheap unlocked cell phones)?

Throughout the China cell phone market at present's crowded (cheap cell phones), fierce battle was going on, only innovation is the biggest way. As a veteran of domestic cell phone manufacturers billion through the first release of this "radar phone" in appearance and signal functions, there is such a big breakthrough and improvement. It will lead the trend and attract a large number of consumers. From: cheap cell phone