How Colours Can Drive Business Success

How well you know your personality type can be the reason why some people reach success easily while others fail. What traits are unique to your personality colour and how does that affect how you do business?

Are you a Red? Maybe Blue? Or maybe you're Yellow and Blue?

What on earth am I talking about?

I've heard colours related to skin tones, but never to personality types before. That was, until I was attending a personal development day a short while ago. I enjoyed their explanation of personality 'colours' and what they mean and wanted to share it with you today.

Have you ever wondered why you enjoy doing some things and not others? Or why you like connecting with some people more than others?

Well, here's the thing; many psychologists believe that each of us has a leading personality type with behaviors unique to that type. These personality types are described and categorized by colors. The way we think, act and feel all play a part in defining our personality and our "color".

Once you know your color, it's an eye opening experience to see how your unique traits play out in life as compared to working and communication with different personalities. The better we understand ourselves and others, the more effective we can be in all our relationships.

How well do you know yourself and others? How would you characterize your personality?

Knowing your personality and how you relate to others can also give you a distinct advantage when it comes to business relationships. Let's take a look at the meanings of the four primary colors: red, yellow, blue, and green, and what those colors represent when it comes to defining your personality traits.

Red Performers

Red personalities love to perform. They are action-driven and love to be recognized for what they do. They are creative people who think well on their feet and like to get things done NOW. Also known as the movers and shakers, reds work extremely well in crisis and are good at troubleshooting and negotiating. They are direct communicators and will tell you "like it is." They welcome, promote and adapt well to changing situations and have very open and accepting personalities. Usually seen as "characters" they are the easiest to read - "what you see is what you get." They like and need to have control, especially of themselves. They like to do things "their way" and have a great need for freedom which allows for self-expression.

Yellow Planners

Yellow personalities are the worker bees of the world. They are excellent organizers and always have a plan and back-up plan in order. They tend to be very structured in their personal and professional lives. Yellows tend to be more disciplined than the other types and that means having follow-through skills. They are goal-driven and known for "making lists" to ensure all things are completed in a timely manner. It would make sense then that yellows respect authority, rules and regulations. Order is important to them and you will find the yellow individuals picking up after everyone. They are extremely good with details and work in professional settings that will draw on their skill sets.

Blue Relationships

Relationship is the only meaningful word in the dictionary to a blue personality. Relational by nature, blues are excellent at forming and maintaining relationships of all sorts. They tend to be people pleasers and work hard at building harmony within and outside the home. They are very aware of feelings within themselves and others. Blue types need to be praised for who they are. They need to be involved in meaningful activities that give them a sense of fulfillment and joy. They tend to be subjective and make decisions based on feelings. They have great empathy and compassion which will assist them in their uncanny ability to influence and persuade others.

Green Problem Solvers

In order to solve problems one needs information. Green personalities truly value learning and exploring new horizons. All their lives they have been asking questions and seeking answers. Investigative by nature, greens tend to begin with logic, objectivity and rationale. They prefer to analyze things and are very logical in their thought processes.

Like Bill Gates, they are the visionaries of the world. They are BIG picture people who tend to think about the future. They are skilled at anticipating problems and implementing systems to avoid obstacles. Greens need mental/intellectual challenges for motivation and thrive when they are provided them.

Taking risks, having adventure and excitement are not high priorities for you. Spontaneous actions are not the norm or part of your make-up. You tend to be more serious and focused. You do not think well on your feet and usually need a plan before moving forward. You are not the first one to jump in and get started on projects. You need time to think things through first.

Having fun at work may not resonate well with you. Work is a place to work. Having fun is for other places. You prefer the tried and true vs. testing the limits of the unknown. Being the center of attention is not you and you may get tired of those always seeking it. You do not do well in crisis situations and prefer jobs or careers that are more predictable and stable.

So how do you know what color you are?

PS. I'm Red/Yellow!;-) What color are you?