Resolve the glitches of warehouse storage

Come to us for your shelving as we are specialized in all kinds of storage systems for office and warehouse. We have been providing the best ways to maintain Record Archive Shelving and Storage in places, where materials or finished goods are stored in massive quantity. With our experience, specialization and service, we have solved the storage problems of key industries in all walks of life.

We have been producing heavy duty Fastrak Shelving and Record Archive Shelving in enormous warehouses of auto industries, plumbing, property, real estate and book keeping. Our specialty lies in the designing and manufacturing, Custom Footprints for offices, warehouses and storage rooms. We design the floor plan for shelving to make usage of the maximum space available, and in places where depth, height and width are taken into consideration, we suggest our separate shelving units. Our Fastrak and Archive Shelving are both boltless giving this product a unique feature for solving the storage problems.

Our wide range of products includes Record Archive Shelving of different depths, alignment and height. Our Archive boxes guarantee you of its durability for its double walled panels and extra strong handles. It can hold records of various sizes and its lids are tight fitted adding to its toughness. Single and double depth shelving units are available according to specifications provided to us regarding the height, depth and width of the storage space. The most salient fact is that the shelves can withstand a load of over 1000 lbs, without the support of any nuts, bolts or clips. Fastrak Shelving is made of heavy steel and can be used for multi purposes. These Fastrak Shelving's have the capacity to hold heavy loads up to more than 2000 lbs for each shelf with decking made of wire mesh. The various standards of our Fastrak Shelving give you the option of choosing as per your specification relating to depth, width and height.

Our floor plans are designed by expert draughtsman have been certified by renowned institutes and have years of experience behind them. You can choose from the different models of our Footprint which suits your warehouse the best. If you have the measurements, we have the solutions for your storage. We provide you with a catalog which gives you instructions about handling of materials and management of archive records. Our production unit is totally computerized with skilled workers putting up their best effort in producing the best storage shelves for small, medium and spacious storage spaces in various industries in USA.

The materials used for production especially the heavy duty steel are of the highest standard which ensures total safety and security. We have expertise in assembling the shelving to perfection. Timely delivery has made our clients in USA totally satisfied. They have recommended our services to others, for our sheer excellence in solving all problems relating to Archive Racking.