Free People Clothing Will Free Your Mind Without Freeing Your Wallet

There are so many different fashion designers in the world today it can be hard to find clothing that has a look and feel that fits your personality without costing an exorbitant amount of money. Not everyone has the desire to dress in clothing that is uncomfortable, just because it is in fashion. With free people clothing, you don't have to worry about sacrificing your taste and comfort for style. You can discover different patterns, styles and luxurious feel, and is always at the forefront of new design concepts for those who want to be noticed. Free People Clothing was formed in the fashion rich era of the 1970's by a man that wanted to nurture the minds and styles of a new era of young people. With a style and freedom that was never seen before, the upcoming generation of the 70's wanted a colorful array of clothing that made a statement in such a tumultuous time.

With a plethora of stunning dresses and knitted sweaters and scarves, this fashion design took off. Its creator, Dick Hayne's entrepreneurial spirit drove him to create this line of clothing for the hip generation of Philadelphian youth. In keeping with the line of spirit and design, the clothing line has flourished and grown, and is still known for its functionality and beautiful array of color that is eye appealing. For the cold winters, a fur coat that is fully lined is certain to keep you warm and chic. Not to worry, this fur coat is made from only the finest in faux fur, so you are rest assured that no animals were harmed in its creation. With pockets and stunning silver button closures, this coat is stunning to look at as well as maintaining functional style.

For even the coldest of days, completing your fur coat style with a chunky knit scarf will keep you warm and cozy. With knotted fringes and super soft material, this scarf is colorful and will match any outfit. In addition to a scarf, keep your hands warm without sacrificing function with a pair of knit gloves. You can wear these super comfy cable knit gloves with any coat or outfit, and because they're fingerless you can still use your hands without having to fumble around with them in your pockets for your keys, turning door handles or other situations where you would otherwise have to remove traditional gloves.

Now that you have the cold weather covered, what about what's on the inside of that stunning outerwear? For an incredibly chic look, a semi sheer blouse with a sexy leopard print that fades as it moves up your body is sure to turn heads. With an extraordinarily detailed crochet pattern on the chest, this top can go from office to party, no problem. For a bit more conservative yet still shimmering look, a silky turtleneck shirt that has been updated for incredible class could be the answer you are looking for. With a scalloped insert made of gorgeous lace, this turtleneck is nothing like you've seen before. No matter what your style or pocketbook, you are sure to find the latest in chic, colorful style that is unsurpassed.