Corporate identities are by no means a new idea when it comes to branding or positioning your company.

The issue of corporate identity is undoubtedly a critical issue in the brand building process; little wonder smart businesses work so hard to develop a winning corporate identity - yet overlooked by millions of business owners!

Who do people say you are?

Have you ever cared to ask yourself this question - Who do people say I am or We are? Have you cared either to ask your family, friends and customers this pertinent question?

In today's crowded business environment, people all over the world are bombarded with messages of commercials from almost all available media - TV, Radio, SMS, Billboard, Internet, et ceteral. You are almost confused and in most cases never really know where to turn when you need certain product or service. This is exactly how your target customer is affected. He/she is faced by a hundred of companies promising the same product feature or service game!

One of the smart strategies for your business is to position your product or service in such a way that your target audience will identify you in headlines in his/her mindshare; and pick you among a pack of cards!

Top brands don't have trade secrets - they have smart business ideas (or strategies) working for them!

If the money you invest in advertising doesn't justify your turnover, you may want to ask yourself this simple question i have been asking myself for over 4 years in business. Who Do People Say I am?

Come to think of it: When you hear Ruff n Tumble, what comes to your mind? Quaity clothing for your children. What about Facebook? A social media where you can share your thoughts to family and friends. Toyota means cost-efficient cars. LG to any customer means electronics. DSTV means satellite TV. The list seem endless! You think of these super brands in HEADLINES!

What do customers think about your business? Finding answers to this might just do the magic for you. That's why whenever i am consulted by clients to restructure their marketing and help them grow sales, i ensure i engage in a diagnostic approach - and not just a fire brigade approach of quickly suggesting promotional strategies.

In building a strong business, product or service brand, you must help your customers to think of you in HEADLINES.

When it comes to your nature of business - help customers to think of you first. This way you will grow your turnover faster than you may have ever imagined.

Tips on How You Can Help Your Clients to Think of You in Headlines.
1. Avoid engaging in a single business name in multiple business interest. If you are in the financials, don't do software development except you are floating a new company for this. Don't be financials and software at the same time. Some people even offer as many conflicting services as they can offer!

2. Do some secondary research - group, personal and focus interviews. Ask your customers - they are your closest audience. Ask them who they think you are. In most cases, you get honest replies from this group.

3. Repetition. Be consistent in your message. Hammer the point home and keep hammering that same point. This seems counter-intuitive to many creative people who think that they should always come up with a new theme. Wrong! Points sink in - finally - only through repetition.

See you at the top.