Lawn care marketing strategies that work.

Lawn marketing strategies can make or break your new lawn service business. There have been plenty a new lawn business owner who got started with the best of intentions only to flame out in extraordinary fashion because their lawn care marketing strategy was a dud and they just didn't ever get a chance to realize it.

What you don't want to do with your lawn care marketing is to print off a bunch of flyers and run down your street sticking them in doors with the hopes someone will call you back. That is probably the biggest mistake I see made all the time. You also don't want to stick a couple of lawn service flyers up at your local super market and hope everyone walking by it will need lawn care and call you. These methods will surely lead to dismal results.

What you do want to do with your lawn care marketing however is to put together a complete package. You want to wear a nice looking lawn business uniform. You want to be clean shaven and have your hair combed nicely. Then get some lawn care door hangers printed up. Take these and go door to door.

Don't just ring and run. Your goal is to talk to as many home owners as possible. When you ring the door bell, take a step back away from the door to give the home owner a little personal space and allow them to feel more comfortable opening it. Then present them with your door hanger and let them know you are offering lawn mowing services in the area and you had noticed a few issues with their property that you would gladly explain why it is a problem and how you would repair it.

Offer to walk the property with the potential customer and discuss different issues they may be having. Also, ask them if they have any questions on any other issues they may want to take care of on their property. When you are done with your lawn care marketing presentation, ask them for the sale by saying 'when can we begin?'

This is a sure fire method to improve the responses you get from local home owners and expand the list of lawn service customers you service. Remember, don't start without a good plan of attack. This lawn care marketing plan will help you see growth. Practice it in front of a mirror a few times before you begin and then feel confident future success is yours.