Why You Should Never Never Give Up

The start-up stages of any new business are often the most difficult period. I want to tell you how close I came to giving up when I started out and why you should never give up.

You see I had been working very hard over the first few months, day in and day out till late at night building my home based business.   Like you, I knew that it was going to be hard work but I didn't mind this. In fact I really enjoy working for myself, as I am sure you do too. But I can tell you in those early days, it felt like I was suffering from information overload. There just seemed to be so much to learn and so many new systems to put into place.

A little voice began to ask is this worth it? All those hours of effort for little reward at first? Then a moment of madness came over me - you know those times when you think of doing something really crazy just for a split second... like thinking maybe I should call it a day and go and find a J.O.B.

Then at that moment my phone rang and thankfully brought me back to my senses. It was my mentor calling to find out how I was doing and offering some support.  Spooky huh! Yeah I thought so. Saved from myself and my moment of madness.

So I began to wonder what I was doing that made me feel that way and this is what I realised.

Be Selective - Use Your Time Wisely

What I found was, in the early days there is just so much information to take on board and learn. There are countless training videos and invites to so many webinars.  I spent so much time watching that  I didn't have time to put into action all the great stuff I was learning.  So I decided that for every video I watch, I have to spend the same amount of time putting it into action.  You have be choosy about how you spend your time - you are the only one in your business trying to do all the tasks therefore don't spend time doing tasks that won't help you achieve your goals. Don't watch every video and webinar - be selective and use your time wisely.

Leverage Your Time - Outsource

Another time killer for me was trying to implement the learning.  I'm a bit of a perfectionist and ended up spending so much time trying to master the tasks. What should have taken five minutes was often turning into an afternoon of unproductive time.  Work out the tasks that you can learn to do easily - know your skills. Use these and outsource everything else - that could be the best investment that you can make. If something doesn't work then don't spend hours trying to find out why - get some help.  You could spends hours surfing the web for a solution or you could connect with other like-minded individuals who truly understand what you are going through and will help you leverage your time.

Set Daily Goals - Make Them Time Focused

 Set yourself daily time limited goals. Break tasks down into smaller ones which you know you can achieve in the time set. Work to a focused time limit. This will help you to keep to deadlines and know what tasks you are avoiding or spending too much time doing.  Use your time wisely and work out the most productive way that you can use that time to achieve a set task.

Don't Ever Lose Sight Of Your Dreams - Remind Yourself Of Them Everyday

 Keep reminding yourself of your reasons for starting your business. Look at your vision board daily and why you are doing this. This will quickly get your brain focused, keeping it clear to put your goals into action and you will never want to give up on your dreams. Keep remembering your reasons why.

Many ventures fail not because they were not great ideas or didn't have the potential to succeed but because people gave up on their dreams. They let that voice that sits on their shoulder get louder and louder - you know the one with all the negative thoughts?  Well you have to learn to quieten that voice till it shuts up. When it shuts up you know that you will succeed. Here's to your success - remember to never never give up.

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