Business Opportunity - How 4 Simple Words and Laughter Can Give You Success and Long Life

The power of laughter is strong medicine. It is even one of the secrets to a longer life. Only God and man have this unique ability! The power to laugh at circumstances and having a sense of humor also shows intelligence.

Knowing this secret of laughter, you can use it to your advantage to reach your goals and dreams. It will be like a powerful weapon to you on a gloomy day. It will help you keep the right frame of mind about yourself and things around you.

Even learning to laugh at ourselves once in a while is wise. After all, we are only human. When we become too serious we become comical and others wind up laughing at us. Plus, whatever happens today will seem like nothing tomorrow, so why not learn to laugh at the petty things of today? You probably will look back and laugh at it all years from now anyway.

Always stay cool, calm and collected about everything just like an ultra successful businessman who has achieved greatness and wealth. Become someone who never takes anything too seriously and always keeps his posture.

So how do you remember to keep this unique frame of mind when unexpected circumstances or trouble suddenly appears? Just say to yourself these four magic words, THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Remember, to keep a positive mindset of someone to be admired means keeping the right frame of mind. This too shall pass are powerful words passed down from wise ones of our past. They thought up this powerful mindset to help themselves cope with everyday situations.

Life is way too short to let things get you down. These four words help keep everything in proper perspective. A hundred years from now today's problems and heartaches won't matter anyhow.

If you are heavy with grief, got the big head from success, or are strangled in poverty, even burdened with riches, you can use these four words to remind yourself then as well that all this too shall pass.

Enhance each day with laughter and each night with singing. Laughter puts all things in the right perspective. Learn to laugh at past failures and they will vanish and your dreams will reappear. Even laugh at your successes and they too will be put in proper perspective.

You don't always have to be working to be happy but you can stay busy enough not to be sad. Today is all you really have. Today cannot be stashed away for later. These are things that must be enjoyed today while it is still called today.

With laughter everything is reduced to its proper size. Laughter can even chase away evil. Laughing at our failures and mistakes will make place for new dreams. Laughing at our successes will bring them back down to Earth.

Laughing at the good things in life will make them more plentiful. Make each day a success. Let your smiles be contagious to others. Wearing a frown will only mean losing sales. As an ancient Chinese proverb says, "A man without a smiling face must not open shop".

If you have to shed anything let it be tears of sweat, because those of sadness, remorse or frustration are of no value in the marketplace. A warm smile and kind words will lift up others and can help you build your business opportunity.

A wise man should never get so important, so wise or dignified that he cannot laugh at himself or look up to others. As long as you can keep yourself in proper perspective you will never be too big or too wise to learn good things through others.

As long as you can laugh you will never really be poor. The power of laughter is God's gift to man. Why waste it? Only with laughter and happiness can you truly have ultimate success. What good is money and success if you cannot handle owning it and take time to enjoy it?

Without laughter and happiness you might as well be beating the wind. Decide that you must have happiness. And that laughter will be the thing that serves it up. Just as good drink makes a good meal better, laughter will make you a true success and a real businessman.