Creative Online Jobs for Writers Working From Home

Writers can make a nice living working online. The Internet has allowed artists and writers to do what they love while working online jobs. In days of old, it seemed like creative types could only make money as professional bloggers, but now there are more opportunities to get any writer inspired for working online. Here are a few examples of online jobs for creative writing types:

Blog for Yourself or a Client

Don't knock what's already working. Plenty of writers can create posts on their own blogs or get paid to write for other bloggers who need material. Blogging for many people can be very tedious and time-consuming, so why not get paid to blog about your favorite hobby or current events?

Write an eBook

Plenty of Internet marketers want eBooks to sell, but that doesn't mean they have the talent for it. Consider writing for clients or create your own eBook and sell it on your personal website. Choose a topic you love and after outlining, researching, compiling, and editing, you've got yourself a finished product you can sell.

Become an eBook researcher

Do you have exceptional research skills? Many website owners want someone else to do the "dirty work" by compiling a pile of knowledge for a hot niche. You can make money online by researching for an eBook. You can find clients on websites such as or

Write articles

Clients are looking for article writers who can deliver professionally written articles on any chosen topic. You may need to write a set of articles for a weight-loss marketer or another one on how to quit smoking. Many of these marketers have websites and products for sale, but don't have the time to write articles on their websites or for driving traffic.

Manage social media accounts

Ever thought of getting paid to write and socialize online? Many business owners need writers who will post content on Facebook pages, Twitter, Hubpages, Squidoo, and other social media in order to drive customers to their website, product, or service. As a creative writer, you will need to showcase marketing messages that will drive traffic and increase sales for customers.

If you can write well, there's an online job for you. These are just a few of the most common types of work that are out there. You can get started with building a solid online writing portfolio and building up a customer base that will pay you handsomely for your writing skills and talent.