Say yes to acuvue on eyes-Acuvue trueye

Eyes are the most important and beautiful organs of senses known in animals. Humans enjoy the beauty of eyes and the vision they offer to the core. One has to maintain them properly in order to keep away from several complications. Complications in the vision can be corrected by several means. A variety of eye gears are used to correct the problematic aspects in vision. Few prefer the fashion statements with the use of eye glasses and few prefer an appearance without them. To meet the needs of the later groups contacts are designed. Several products are marketed by Johnson & Johnson on different brand names. All the eye gears are manufactured on the brand Acuvue.

Acuvue trueye:

Acuvue trueye are a variety of silicone based formulations designed in soft lens. These are convenient and provide immense comfort to the eye. These lenses supply the eyes with a huge amount of oxygen. Acuvue trueye lenses are prepared with advanced moisture rich wetting agents that prevent the redness of eyes upon excessive usage of these contacts. They permit the 100% transmission of oxygen to the eyes leaving them clear. They contain an insertion indicator, with a visibility tint that helps in the easy handling of the lens. Acuvue trueye is designed with the advanced super wet and super smooth surface, with less friction coefficient, so that they remain stable on the pupil of the eye.

Acuvue moist contacts:

These are the unique products of Johnson & Johnson with the brand names of acuvue. Acuvue moist contacts are designed in such a way that they help in maintaining moist and fresh eyes even at the end of the day. These serve as a great deal of help to those wearing contacts for the first time. These are available as dailies and are formulated for single use. One can enjoy the comfort of fresh and moist eyes till the end of the day and simply throw them away after use. Acuvue moist lenses provide lasting comfort and keep the eyes away from getting allergic.

Acuvue moist for astigmatism:

These are the advanced products produced by Johnson & Johnson as a cure to correct astigmatism. Astigmatism is a complication that is caused as a result of change in the refractive index of the eye. These are developed by the unique formulations of LACREON moisture retention technologies and are marketed under the brand name of acuvue. Acuvue moists for astigmatism are the moist dailies with wetting agents and are designed for patients suffering from astigmatism. 2 different lenses, one for the refractive angle and one for myopia are included in the contacts for astigmatism. Acuvue moists for astigmatism offers the patients with clear and a stable vision and provide comfort and healthy benefits for those suffering from astigmatism. Single use disposable lenses are available which provide the experience of healthy eye vision.