Me Time - The Importance Of Making Time For Yourself When You Work From Home

Being self employed can be marvellous in the autonomy, flexibility and creativity that it brings you. However, one of the downsides of running your own business is that the success or failure of the whole enterprise rests with you. That's a lot of responsibility to take on. It can be even harder to take some time off, knowing that you've got so much to do - not just paying work but all the other things that an entrepreneur has to think about: marketing, administration, book-keeping. But no one can keep working endlessly without a break - try it, and your health and mental wellbeing are going to suffer. So what can you do to help yourself?

Treat yourself like a loved one. Write a list of 10 nice things and give yourself permission to have at least one every day. I'm talking about tiny treats like a bar of chocolate, or a 10 minute sit down with a good cup of tea, or a new magazine, or a hot bath with a few candles round the sides, or buying a packet of seeds (what can I say, I'm a gardening geek - that constitutes a treat in my book!).

If you can, have a full day off from work once a week. By that, I mean you do nothing work related - not one thing, be that a phone call or a tweet or a single, solitary email. If you have a home office, shut, and preferably lock, the door and don't open it again until the next day.

If this is truly impossible right now, have at least an afternoon or a full evening off. Don't open your laptop. Read a book instead, or go for a walk, or watch a stupid film or jump on your long-suffering partner - do whatever you want. Relax!

Every so often (try and make it monthly at least), have a decent amount of time off. Go away for the weekend or if staying at home, don't do any work whatsoever.

I try and put a tiny bit of money away each week (and when I was really poor, it was truly tiny - maybe a few pounds). Let it mount up over time and then spend it on something frivolous that you really want. 15 a week over 3 months is nearly 200 - enough for a night away somewhere or a day of spa treatments or a really nice coat. You get the idea. Treat yourself and don't feel guilty. Then you can come back to your work with renewed energy and enthusiasm for making your business a success.