Smith and Warren Badges are the finishing touch product in police supplies and equipment

When it comes to identification for the law enforcement community, an officers badge is the most widely accepted item form for proof of occupation. Many departments take extreme pride in the look, design and details in their badges. Several companies throughout the U.S. manufacture badges but none come close in quality to just 2 of the premier companies which include Smith & Warren based out of New York, and Blackington based out of Massachusetts. Both companies make the finest products in the marketplace and have been doing so for over many decades each. When we surveyed departments throughout the country, most had a tremendous amount of respect for each company but it seemed that many were happier with the delivery and pricing of Smith & Warren badges.

Smith & Warren is sold through authorized dealers and distributors of police supplies and equipment. They includes individual storefronts, catalog companies and internet companies. Many police supplies and equipment dealers are now offering the Visual Badge on their own websites which allows the end user, customer or department to allow them to see the badge customized before actually ordering. This has also drastically reduced mistakes that occur from putting together orders before the internet age. Some companies that have been offering great service and pricing on Smith and Warren badges include companies such as INTAPOL Industries based out of Jersey City, N.J. and Police Equipment Depot based out of Nashville, TN. They both have knowledgeable staff and are ready to answer any questions or offer advice to deliver what their customers are seeking out of their badge order.

It should also be noted that besides the stock program of designs and customizable designs, Smith and Warren badges offer completely custom design badges from scratch. This can include the metal badge itself OR can be a completely custom center seal. Prices vary for die charges which can range from $85 to over $300 depending on the level of detail. We have all heard the saying that "the uniform makes the man" but after seeing some of the quality produced from their factory that maybe that saying should be overhauled with a new saying "the badge makes the uniform". With offering of the finest finishes from Rhodium, Nickel, Gold, and even 24K electroplate finishes, Sil-Ray, Gol-Ray and 2-tones options, there isn't much you can't find this company won't do. Besides finish options, other choices include font size, color and style, center seal options, backing options with pin & safety, wallet backing, or even screw back for hats. The last most important thing to mention about Smith and Warren would be their extremely fast delivery which is normally within 3 to 4 weeks. Most companies take 6 to 8 weeks or longer but their factory has consistently delivered within the 3 to 4 week. See your local dealer of police supplies and equipment today to order.