Cheap Gets The Thrown

Plastic products are used widely in the entire world. None of the cities or country is left which are not affected by the harsh effects of this devil. However, as the people got to know about the effects of these material immediate steps were taken and so the things got simpler and somehow the cloud of the danger of global warming and pollution were controlled. But still the problem neither is nor solved completely. There are certain fields which are still using the plastic and its products on the major scale. But these are just unavoidable, as there is no other material which can be on the place of this devil. Research and various high cost projects are going on, just for the hope of getting another best and suitable option for the use.

The plastic bags are the most widely used product of the plastic. Actually, not just being light in weight easily accommodated and very flexible it is very cheap, and hence very popular among the general public. The plastic is actually a polymer based product. It is made up of various long chains of ethylene, an organic compound. It has very high molecular mass and hence very high. These long chains are actually bound with each other with a very strong bond, which is very difficult for breaking. This makes it non biodegradable. But the bonding is very flexible; this provides the plastic bags complete contraction and expansion properties. Because of this property, the plastic bags are used every where, as it can gain the shape and easily accommodate the daily routine item or other items. Along with that, due to the very high molecular mass and density, it burns with a sooty flame and thus, polluting the environment.

The same qualities of the plastic attract the packaging people also. The plastic packaging hence became the most widely practiced and method. The plastic is made easily by polymerization reaction that too in the bulk of thousand. Its prize is hence low and very much affordable. The packaging people need large quantity of the plastic, and hence they will catch it as it is very cheap and best of course. However, the wastage is also very high, which actually creates pollution. The rest of the plastic should be recycled and hence used again. This wills not only reduce the pollution, but also maintains the quantity of plastic in the market. We must control such sort of pollution and save our earth.