XAG Network Business Opportunity

At XAGNetwork There is a Membership Level for All Interests and Budgets!
Do You Just Want to Buy or Sell Beautiful Silver Coins?
Not Interested in Silver, but Want to Earn as an Affiliate Marketer?
Want to Collect/Invest in Silver AND Earn on the Efforts of You & Your Team?
You Can Change Your Level From Month to Month to Suit Your Interest!

The XAG Network Business Opportunity marketing program offering
silver coins. Its lead coin is the beautiful 1 ounce Maple Leaf. These
coins are minted at 99.99% purity. The company is a multi level
organization offering bullion coins as its product.
With the current state of the world economy timing is critical in
taking advantage of these market driven home base business

The XAG Network commission or compensation plan uses what is
called a 5 x 8 forced matrix. In this pay system the company's
computers allows each member to refer only 5 people each. Like the
binary plan all additional members are placed in lower levels beneath
an existing member.
The 5 refers the total number each person may have on their first level
and the 8 refers to the total number of levels you may earn a check from.
Members joining either program can benefit from joining early and having
an active up-line provide what is called a spillover of members who are
forced to be placed in your team. With the matrix the strategy is to fill
your matrix which goes like this; 5 members on your first level, 25 on
your second 125 on your third and 625 on your fourth.
The recommended membership lever to start with is a Marketer there
covers up to 4 level.
When your 4 level is filled and you want to earn more you have to upgrade
as a Collector/Marketer. For calculating the members just keep multiplying
by 5 to each level total to calculate through the eight level.

Though you can benefit in the XAG Network business opportunity from
up-line spillover effect but learning how to effectively market online will
be your key to success.
XAG Network provide great online tools like banners for online advertising
and tell a friend options for spreading it to your friends.
Getting people to visit your company website will be your job which can
only happen when you utilize proper online marketing strategies.
Learning our marketing strategies from the video on the link below.