Spiral Topiary-Ideal shrub types

If you've dreamed of keeping topiary plants in your yard, you may wonder where to begin. The art of topiary is daunting to the novice, as even fundamental questions require answers. Start from the top and determine which kinds of shrubs you will use. Because topiary plants need to keep their shape through many seasons and many years, they need to be sculpted from hardy shrubs that won't blow over in a light breeze. And, they have to be pretty adept at hanging onto their needles. This is why evergreen shrubs are best for spiral topiary, boxwood topiary and ball topiary creations.

Let's start with the boxwood shrub. The boxwood can survive on very little and is extremely adaptable, growing everywhere across the United States. They are generally cold weather tolerant, but some turn brown if exposed to frigid temperatures. Boxwood does best in partial shade and is considered slow-growing, making it ideal for keeping up with spiral topiary trimming.

The yew shrub is among your most tolerant topiary shrub options. They are great for sculpting spiral topiary and other shapes because their leaves are very resistant to shedding. Once their roots are well-established, yew shrubs require little water to survive.

The English holly shrub is another viable option. It is thick and sturdy and is known for its ability to withstand a substantial amount of pruning, which works well with intricate topiary designs, like spiral topiary and triple ball topiary.

Now that you know which shrubs are best for your topiary display, you've got to decide how to cultivate them in your yard. You could purchase shrubs and try to plant them yourself, but unless you have experience, you may want to leave this up to an expert. If your shrubs aren't planted properly, they will fail and you'll have to start all over again.

Of course, hiring a professional landscaper to install your shrubs will cost considerable money, so you will have to weigh the costs with the benefits.

You may find that artificial topiary is a better option for you. You can purchase topiary designed for outdoor use and arrange them in the same places you'd grow live topiary. This gives you freedom from maintenance and landscaping costs. Don't worry that you will not be able to mold the topiary samples you've been dreaming about. You can order artificial topiary pretty much any way imaginable. Spiral topiary, ball topiary--even animal topiary, are fabulous possibilities. Whatever you decide, enjoy creating coiffed gardens at your home. High-quality faux topiary is available in all shapes and sizes at Artificial Plants and Trees. Start by checking out our selection of potted and un-potted topiary for indoor and outdoor display! We guarantee you will love our selection.