Bio degradable bags used over plastic bags now

To write on plastic is an unending topic. How much discussion we do, we will always end up with the good and bad sides of it. Plastic products are now use in every field of commercial uses. Plastic pens, plastic pencils, plastic lunch boxes for children, plastic cover, plastic packaging and the list goes on and on. Though it has its bad effect on the nature, its use is still continued. As a result of which government in certain countries have to put ban on its use. But as large amount of industries are indulged in plastic making we cannot totally stop its production because latterly it would harm the earnings of the people.

Plastic is a non bio degradable material, so throwing them lavishly in the environment definitely causes harm to the nature. Many animals and plants have died to a large extent just because plastic bags are not degraded in the nature and as a result they suffocate the animals and plants which are totally dependent on nature. Moreover bags cannot be recycled. Thus reusing such bags is a bad option. Bags have a very versatile uses in each field. From shopping to packing things it can be used. Some of plastic bags are water resistant also.Bags are available in every size and can be printed also if required by the customer. Printed plastic bags have a bit higher price than regular simple bags as the companies logos are printed on them for promotional basis. An optional to the non biodegradable plastic bags is now available and such bags are known as Sacchetti biodegradabili (biodegradable bags). Damaged caused to the planet by such bags will be deteriorated by use of bio degradable bags. Bags that are made from starch-based polymers can last up to 180 days.

Bio degradable bags depend on the climate and the condition of the nature. They degrade quickly because there is no fossil fuel that was used in the production of those bags. Even if we throw such bags in the nature it causes no definite change as they degrade easily. Some of the advantages of such bags are: they can be made from recyclable material, thus they can processed again.Bags can be used for storing vegetables, and fruit sections. Bustine plastica (Plastic bags) that need to be vacuum-free are made of more durable plastic and are closed from all sides except for a small opening through which the air is sucked out to create a vacuum inside before sealing it. Wholesalers and online sellers of such bags are also available.