Are you or someone you know considering relocating to Philadelphia? Moving for a new job has enough stress to it without adding poor quality assistance with that decision. While many companies have relationships with one of the national relocation companies to help their transferring employees move to a new location, almost no one offers a service that helps folks who may be considering relocating to Philadelphia with making that decision.
Those days are over. A new concept in relocating services, successfully practiced elsewhere, is coming to the Philadelphia area. Sage Realty, the area's premiere exclusive buyers' agency, announced its intention to open a talent acquisition service as part of its residential real estate expertise. This will offer a soup-to-nuts consulting service free to potential employees of area companies, providing in-depth interviews to determine the potential employee's needs in relocating to Philadelphia. All members of the family will be considered and their opinions considered. Other relocating to Philadelphia services will include tours and data on various communities, with the pros and cons being explored. The consultants will arrange interviews with school officials and /or places of worship, analysis of rental options, tours of available homes and vetting of local lenders for the best rates and programs. Family events can be arranged. Tickets to area concerts and amusements will be available. The commute can be tested, by rain or by car. Even taste tests at the best local restaurants can be arranged.

The traditional concept of relocation companies assigning an agent to an incoming ("onboarding" being the latest buzz word for this) employee fails miserably, particularly for the top executives. The assigned agents have little or no incentive to do a good job since they will most likely not gain repeat business by doing so and the relocation company takes up to half of their commission.
Companies should offer these relocating employees the services of a full service company with top notch agents who only represent buyers. This would eliminate conflicts, incent the agent to give quality service and cost the employee nothing. As an exclusive buyers' agency with the added services of selling potential employees on the benefits of relocating to Philadelphia, Sage Realty now offers potential new employees the type of quality service they deserve at no cost to their company or to them.
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