The Stun Gun - A handy head start in self-defense

It is a cruel world and within it danger lurks around the corners. Fears of burglary and mugging are at an all-time high. Police presence is not guaranteed and is almost always a case of a little bit too late. Many of us may not have the time to enroll for self-defense classes and with such an outlook it seems that the situation is pretty bleak. Advancements in technology have however gifted us the stun gun to help keep assailants at bay and thus give us ample time to run to safety, and this without any bloodshed. Stun guns are currently in high demand, way higher than the pepper can sprays that almost every lady always has in her possession even when there is peace and calm.
So, what exactly is the stun gun and why is it deemed an effective crime deterrent? Well, this is an electronic device featuring two prongs which inflict high voltage when touched on a person's body - sort of a shock but not powerful enough to kill a person owing to the low current. Stun guns produce pulsed electric currents which cause the muscles to work super fast and thus in a short time they deplete the available blood sugar reserves that they need for their sustained function. This action simultaneously interrupts the flow of neurological pulses through the muscles and veins resulting in the brain losing control of muscle movement, and which finally results in disorientation and loss of balance, or even better unconsciousness for about thirty minutes. With the attacker thus stunned the would-be victim will definitely have time to get away and inform the authorities.
The market has stun guns with different voltage potentials and this is where the catch lies. A low voltage stunner, say at 50 000 volts, produces a crackling sound which may scare away a simple mugger but it will not be sufficient to knock a determined assailant unconscious rather it may spur him or her to inflict more violent behavior. It is for this reason why people are encouraged to go for the most powerful stunners that their money can buy; there are plenty of these in the market with some rated at a staggering 4.5 million volts. High voltage ratings do not necessarily mean that the stun gun will be large in size. In fact, some models are designed to look like portable shavers, mobile phones, pens, flashlights, or even lipstick tubes, and which will comfortably fit in your pockets.
For affordable stun guns prices it is best to shop online where you can easily compare different products, designs, brands and voltage ratings. These stores will also feature accessories and supplies that you may need for your stunner including holsters and batteries. However, before buying your stun gun check to see whether owning one is legally acceptable as stunners are completely or partially restricted in some states and cities.