Artificial flower arrangements-Dressing up drab transitional spaces

Often times we are at a loss for how to decorate transitional spaces like dim hallways and drab foyers. These areas are often forgotten because we spend so much time worrying about upholstery for the living room or curtains for the dining room that we forget to give them the TLC they deserve.

It's important that these spaces be highlighted because your guests will inevitably pass through them while they visit your home. Start by considering how artificial flower arrangements can brighten up the corners the light barely reaches. One that features acrylic water seems to truly bring artificial flower arrangements to life. You can see clearly the stems of your silk hydrangeas or artificial tulips submerged in the solid water. It will fool even the sharpest eye. All you have to do to keep these flowers looking bright is dust them off once in a while. Once you've decided upon artificial flower arrangements, get ready to learn the many other ways you can further brighten that space you've been avoiding since the day you moved into your home.

An important key is to play up the amount of natural light that exists in your transitional spaces. An easy way to achieve this is to hang lots of mirrors on the walls. You can group several small mirrors in a cluster on one wall, and hang a larger mirror on the wall across the way. To highlight them in the evening, place a tabletop lamp underneath your larger mirror and turn it on. This light will brighten the mirror above it, which then casts light onto the mirrors across the way.

Rather than hang pictures or painting in a hallway or entryway, try hanging wall art of varying colors, textures and materials on these walls. Pictures are not all that visible in hallways, which is why something that catches the eye is best. Air plants are a fabulous option. Home and garden stores often sell hardware that allows you to mount these dirt-less, exotic plants onto the wall, making them appear as though they're growing straight out of the wall. Or, consider mounting floating shelves on the wall. You can perch anything, from potted plants to pictures, to artificial flower arrangements, on the wall where they're easy to see and out of the way. They also make terrific extra book shelves, and books are naturally charming decorations. Their bindings and covers have such great texture and color!

Finally, don't forget the importance of an area rug or hallway runner beneath your feet. It's not simply a matter of comfort. It also introduces texture, color and pattern which are major contributors to interesting, cohesive home design. You're ready to begin giving the forgotten spaces in your home a facelift. Start by searching for artificial flower arrangements, right here!