Impact resistant Sign Flex products for safe highways

Sign posts on the highway are exposed to all kinds of extreme weather conditions, exhaust fumes from vehicles and at times high impact of vehicles too. It is important for the sign post material to be strong enough to resist all these and still remain clear and functional for a long time period. The introduction of Sign-Flex Products has increased the longevity of highway traffic products. These sign-flex products available as safety sign blanks are uniquely designed to resist all kinds of impacts.

As the name suggests these sign flex products blanks have the property of flexibility which ensures that instead of succumbing to high impact, these sign blanks recoil and revert back to their original position. This property is attributed to spring like action of the material these are manufactured from.These can withstand repeated impacts from vehiclesc and are capable of resisting extreme weather conditions and still maintain their appearance for over ten years of time period.

Highway traffic products need to be durable and distinctly perceptible from a safe distance. Inadvertent damage to these can cause serious loss of life and property. Therefore sign flex products are the best option for this purpose as they can endure environmental pressures due to their unique properties. They can withstand a wide range of temperature variations from about minus hundred to plus hundred. Colour stability and resistance to damage by ultra violet rays are other important features ensuring durability and safety.

As compared to conventional painted sign posts which might be easily damaged by rain, wind and ultraviolet radiation and thus require frequent touch ups, these do not require maintenance once installed.

Also the installation of Sign-Flex Products is very convenient as they can be used on any kind of surface without any difficulty
Availability in a series of standard sizes ensures convenient designing and installation. These sign posts are designed with rounded edges making them tear resistant. This feature is especially important in regions with high wind velocity. Slits and holes can also be incorporated in the design to prevent damage due to high speed winds.

Sign flex products are thus considered ideal for traffic, parking and street sign posts. These are printed graphically ensuring accuracy and uniformity of the sign posts as compared to the conventional sign posts. Also the procedure of production of sign posts is more convenient , reliable and less time consuming. The longevity of these sign posts make them a good investment.

Sign-flex products can also be used by hotels and restaurants for exclusive area parking signs. It is important to remember that non reflective signs should be placed in brightly lit areas while reflective ones are better suited for dimly lit areas. These signs not only ensure convenience but also exclusivity.

To ensure organised highway traffic and safe roads it is mandatory to ensure that Highway traffic products are efficiently placed and are not affected by the adverse conditions and challenges they are subjected to everyday. Sign flex products are the most ideal of the currently available products for this purpose.